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The Knight is a paragon of martial discipline. Inspiring those around her and using her superior knowledge of tactics and strategy, she masters the battlefield.

Knightly Traditions

There are three traditions of Knight, that focus on different aspects of the class. You will be asked to select your Tradition shortly after taking your first level in Knight.

  • Knight Vanguard. The Knight Vanguard is the scourge of his enemies, scattering all before her.
  • Knight Protector. The Knight Protector is the defender of the weak, and stalwart comrade-at-arms.
  • Knight Valiant. The Knight Valiant inspires all around her to feats of heroism.

The Tradition of your Order will determine which Knightly abilities improve.

Class Abilities

Prerequisites: 1 BAB, any alignment.
BAB progression: 1/1
Class skills: Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Discipline, Intimidate, Lore, Persuade, Ride
Skill points: 2+INT mod
Preferred save: Fortitude
Notes: unlike base NWN, you are limited to 10 levels in this class, not 5. PDK abilities are not spells, so kensai can use all class abilities.

Ability Level Uses per day Description
Rallying Cry 1 3 (unlimited for Protector) Immediately diverts all NPC enemies in a 10m radius to target the Knight. May not be used when Silenced, and does not affect Deaf or Silenced targets. PCs in the area that are not in the middle of an action make a contested Concentration check vs the PDK's Intimidate, and if they fail they attack the PDK instead. Instant effect.
Heroic Shield 1 Unlimited Grants an ally a Discipline skill bonus equal to the Knight's class level, and gives them an attack bonus equal to the difference between their BAB and the Knight's. Knights Valiant also grant Haste to the shielded ally. Free action that lasts 1 hour, but applying it to a new target will remove the effects from your last target.
Inspire Courage 2 1/day (+1 day/level for Valiant) Grants all allies, including the Knight, a save bonus equal to the Knight's Charisma modifier, and +1 Attack and Damage. Lasts 10 rounds, duration improves with Lingering Song or Lasting Inspiration feats. May not be used when Silenced.
Fear 3 1/day (+1 day/level for Vanguard) All nearby enemies must pass an opposed Concentration check vs the Knight's Intimidate or be Shaken (-1 to AB/AC/saves/skills and 5% ASF per two class levels on the main server, or per class level on the Fixed Level server). Lasts 10 rounds, duration improves with Lingering Song or Lasting Inspiration feats.
Inspire Courage 4 +1 An additional use of Inspire Courage per day.
Oath of Wrath 4 1/day Target loses AC equal to the Knight's current (modified) INT modifier for 1 round per class level. For 1 hour per class level, Knights Vanguard get a bonus equal to their base INT modifier to attack and damage against all creatures with the same race as the target.
Final Stand 5 1/day (+1 day/level for Protector) May only be used if the PDK is below half health. The PDK and all allies within 10m restore 50% of their lost hitpoints, plus 5% for every two PDK class levels. In addition, all targets get 2 temporary HP per Knight class level. Lasts 10 rounds, duration improves with Lingering Song or Lasting Inspiration feats.