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  • Assembly templates are separate items which store essences and imbued spells. These templates can be used to enchant ammunition.
  • Each bundle now comes with a 'Unique Power: Self-Only' and a 'Unique Power' targeted ability. The first can be used to produce unenchanted ammunition. The second can be targeted on an assembly template and will produce ammunition enchanted with the properties stored on that template.
  • Assembly Template recipes exist for Forging, Carpentry, and Art. More advanced template recipes can store more essences and spells.
  • Templates have two types of slots: Stable Essence Slots and Unstable Essence Slots:
  • A stable essence slot can be filled only by permanent essences (simply use the essence on the template). A stable essence slot, once filled, will last the entirety of a template's lifetime.
  • An unstable essence slot can be filled only by temporary essences and weapon-enhancing spells (use the essence or cast the spell on the template). Each unstable essence slot has its own limited charges. Once depleted, the slot will have to be filled again. Note that the power of a temporary essence will degrade slightly when transferred to an unstable essence slot.
  • Templates have far more charges than bundles, and will allow ranged characters more economical access to added sources of damage. The basic types of assembly templates are simple and accessible to make. More advanced models will require significant investment, but will also carry more essence slots (therefore allowing for more heavily-enchanted munitions).
  • Be aware that templates will accept weapon-enhancing spells that previously could not be cast on bundles. The power of an unstable essence slot will depend on the Caster Level of the spell that fills it. It would be wise to experiment.

Tips & Tricks for Finding the New Recipes:

  • The new final products are in the usual categories in Carpentry (and, in the case of the Sling, Tailoring).
  • The Assembly Templates are in Basic Crafting Component category in Carpentry, Forging, and Art crafting.
  • Throwing Weapon Bundles are in the categories for their respective weapon in Forging. (e.g., the Greensteel Throwing Axe Bundle is in the range weapons).
  • All of the new intermediary products, can be found in Carpentry. Many can also be found in Herbalism or Alchemy.
  • Dragon Oil is produced by Herbalism or Alchemy.
  • Both types of gears are produced by Forging.
  • Charcoal can be produced as a result of making Pine Tar. The recipe for Pine Tar is in Carpentry and Herbalism.
  • Small Seed Balm, Hardwood Resins, and Natural Gums are in the 'Materials' categories of Carpentry and Herbalism.
  • Emulsified Oil, Hardening Finish, and Ashwood Stabilizer are in the 'Materials' categories of Carpentry and Alchemy.