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Critter Population

A number of areas spread across Arelith's servers have NPC populations which will expand over time, if not kept in check. When a population expands, it will begin to replace the spawns normally found in nearby map areas. An unopposed population will continue to expand, which can cause hostile NPCs to spawn in settlements.

Population expansion can be reduced or stopped by killing spawns in the affected areas.

Population Tracking

Rangers and Harper Scouts may use the -track Console Command to assess the population status of an area. Populations can be "in balance", "spreading", or "out of control".

Character Influence

Characters may affect population expansion by dropping resources in the appropriate map area(s) for a given NPC population. Confirmation text will show when resources are successfully dropped. Only resource packages purchased from a settlement Trade Minister can be used. Items such as wood, stone, and food rations will not be accepted.

Resources must be dropped in the NPC population's center, or an area the population has expanded to (i.e. -track shows it as expanding or out of control). If dropped in an outlying area or an area sometimes taken through expansion, the dropped resources may not be accepted, or may contribute to a different population.


A Druid may use the -balance Console Command, once per day, to alter the balance of an area. Any attempt will spend the day's use, regardless of whether the area is out of balance. This behooves Druids to work together with Rangers and Harper Scouts.