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  • Alignment: Any evil
  • Base Attack Bonus: +6
  • Hide Ranks and Cleave are not necessary to take blackguard levels anymore.

Arelith Changes

Mechanical Changes

Feat Changes:

  • Bull's Strength Spell-Like Ability always gives +4 instead of 1d4+1 STR.
  • This ability now lasts a number of turns equal to caster level. Once the Blackguard has reached class level 10, the feat's duration is hours per caster level.
  • This ability is now on a 10 minute cooldown, but is also now self-target only. When a Blackguard uses this spell-like feat on herself, the +4 STR bonus is also automatically applied to the Blackguard's active summon.
  • When targeting their own equipped weapon (right-hand equipment slot), a Blackguard casting Inflict Serious Wounds or Inflict Critical Wounds will instead apply a negative damage effect similar to a Temporary Damage Essence. (As with Temporary Essences, this will over-write other similar effects.) This effect lasts a number of hours equal to class levels. Doing so gives the weapon a red glow.

Summoning Changes:

  • When using Divine Might, the Blackguard also confers an Attack Bonus and magic damage bonus to their active summon, equivalent to +1 per 4 class levels.
  • When using Divine Shield, the Blackguard also confers a Dodge AC bonus to their active summon, equivalent to +1 per 4 Blackguard levels.
  • Summon Fiend:
    • Infinite uses/day, but instead has a cooldown of 6 minutes starting the moment the fiend is slain or dismissed.
    • Summon Fiend will conjure a Demon for CE, a Yugoloth for NE, or a Devil for LE.
    • CE and LE Blackguards can learn the Yugoloth stream from from summoning books.
    • NE Blackguards can learn the Infernal and Abyssal stream from summoning books.
    • The summon starts at Tier 3. At level 7, increases to 4. At level 9, increases to 5. The feat Epic Fiendish Servant (Prerequisite: blackguard 16) increases the tier to 6.
    • Summon Fiend will gain Epic Caster Bonus if cast by an Epic Blackguard (blackguard 11).
  • Create Undead
    • Infinite uses/day, but instead has a cooldown of 6 minutes starting the moment the undead is slain or dismissed.
    • Create Undead will conjure an undead exclusive to the blackguard.
    • The summon starts at Tier 1. At level 7, increases to 2. At level 11, increases to 3.
  • Every 4 levels, a Blackguard receives +1 DC when using Arelith's custom poisons.

For specifics, read the Summoning Changes and the Summons articles.

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