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NWN Requirements

  • None

Arelith Changes

  • Requires to have selected Deity with Piety to cast higher level spells (greater than level 6). Selection of Domains is not mechanically enforced.
  • Spell changes, or Organized Spell Changes.
  • Bonus Language:
    • for clerics with Good alignment: Celestial
    • for clerics with Neutral alignment: None
    • for clerics with Evil alignment:
  • Can save and load Spellbooks through the Crafting Skills menu
  • Piety cost for Raise Dead and Resurrection reduced by a flat 25%
  • Clerics gain piety per tick, based on cleric level: 1-8 = 1%; 9-27 = 2%; 28-30 = 3%.

Domain Changes

  • Animal Domain increase the summon tier by one like greater spell focus Conjuration does, they do not stack.
    • Clerics with Animal Domain and GSF Conjuration will summon an Ancient Elemental with +2 AB, +2 AC, etc when casting Summon Creature IX.
  • Death Domain empowers all Inflict Wounds spells, including harm.
  • Healing Domain empowers Circle of Healing.
    • Empowered spells from Death and Healing domain can be double empowered through meta magic, with the exception of heal and harm.


The Healer is an alternate path for clerics that can only be taken at character creation. Forgoing most of their gear options, these individuals excel at defying death at every turn, ensuring the safety and survival of their allies against all odds.

  • Healers lose all weapon and armor proficiencies, including racial proficiencies, but with the exception of Simple weapons. They cannot regain these lost proficiencies.
  • The spell Bless lasts turns/level.
  • Spontaneous Healing: A Healer can cast Healing Circle, Heal, and Mass Heal spontaneously as if they were an innate caster (sorcerer, bard). Consumes 5th level, 6th level, and 8th level spell slots respectively. These spells will appear under special abilities on the radial menu.
  • Overhealing: Healers convert excess healing into temporary hit points. The hit point bonus is limited to 5/ Healer level, and lasts for a period of three rounds. A Healer level 13 can overheal for up to 65 points. The duration is refreshed on further applications of Overhealing.
  • Regenerate refreshes and stacks the overheal hit point bonus, while Monstrous Regeneration doesn't.
  • Lifeline: Healers can cast Raise Dead or Resurrection on a living target to apply a Lifeline to that target for the duration of 1 turn. If the affected creature reaches -10 hitpoints during the effect, they fall to the ground unconscious instead of dying, and are raised or resurrected a round later.
    • Other creatures can only benefit from Lifeline once per rest. Note that this is the creature's rest, not the cleric's.
    • Bear in mind that the Healers cannot use Lifeline on themselves.
    • This ability only works with other PCs; not summons, companions, mobs or NPCs of any sort.
  • Expanded Healing: The Healer's radius of area healing spells (Healing Circle, Mass Healing) grows slightly with their levels. A level 30 Healer will have the spell's area effectively doubled.
  • Respite: At level 28, a pure healers gains access to the epic -respite spell. Respite creates a 4.0m area of effect on the ground that lasts for 9 seconds. All creatures (including enemies) within the area of effect become immune to all forms of crowd control (except Timestop) and cannot be reduced to less than one hit point. On expiration of the zone, all allies within the area of effect are healed for 150 hit points.

Note that these abilities will only work through casted spells; not spells from items.

Favoured Soul

The Favoured Soul path is a Cleric path available on the FL server only. Not to be confused with the (now deprecated) Favored Soul bard path.

Favoured Soul may only be taken by new level 1 Cleric characters. They have the following changes from base Cleric.

  • Lose heavy armour proficiency (but, unlike Healers, can gain it later from other classes or feat purchases).
  • Lose domains. Favoured Souls do not get domain abilities or bonus spells.
  • Lose Turn Undead. Favoured Souls do not have the Turn Undead power.
  • Reflex becomes a favoured save. Favoured Souls get a reflex save bonus of +2-+6 accordingly.
  • Spontaneous spell casting. Mechanically this works a little differently from sorcerers.
    • Favoured Souls still know all cleric spells, and on rest, assign them to slots as usual.
    • However, Favoured Souls can cast any of their memorised spells for a given level freely, until they hit their daily level.
    • So a Favoured Soul with 4 spell slots of level 1 can memorise a different spell in each slot, but could cast one of them four times, two of them twice each, or any combination that adds up to 4 spells total. Once they have cast 4 spells, they won't be able to cast more level 1 spells until they rest.

RP tips

It is desirable to select domains that are close to dogma of worshiped Deity.

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