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Any player can get in situations when there will be need of an assistance from a Dungeon master (DM). Remember to always keep your requests polite and be patience when asking for assistance.

When player witnesses rule violation

  1. If possible, take screenshot or note the time and names of those involved.
  2. Ensure that it is indeed a rule violation by rereading the rules in your Journal.
  3. Player can try to send POLITE short tell to offender. Some players can be new to server and not aware of all server rules. If you disagree on interpretation of rules, it is often wiser to submit the case to DMs, rather then argue at length in tells and spoil the game for both of you.
  4. Try to contact a DM in game.
  5. If you can't get one in game, send it to a DM via PM on forums or e-mail Do not post about the incident publicly on forums! It will be locked and/or deleted!
"Please include the character names of whomever was involved, including the rule-breaker, the victim(s) and any witnesses; also, any screenshots you have of the event typically help." DM Watchtower
6. If you have exhausted that path and do not feel as if the situation was handled fairly, send a PM to the head DM, via forums.

In game

In Game contacts are best for the following:

  1. Rulebreaks
  2. General Questions.
  3. Rule Clarifications.
  4. Bug reports. (These should also be posted on the forums).
  5. Character issues. (Bugged Crafting Points, etc.)
  6. Alignment Shift Requests.
  7. Requesting a token for an approved application.
  8. Event requests.: Any hostile action involving an NPC or Settlement.
  9. Any PC edit: Voice/Hair
  10. Tail/Wing (For Tiefling/Red Dragon Disciple/5%).
  11. Name change.
  12. Alignment Shift.
  13. Player Praise/Suggestions for RPR watch.

Please remember DMS are not DEVS. Suggestions about areas/content should be posted on the forums.

Either switch to DM channel on left side of window where you type text or use /dm before the text you wish to send. For example:

/dm If anyone has a moment, I have a token request.

Players will not see the text appear in Chat window, since only DMs can see what is written on DM channel.

It is preferred to include reason for request in your short message.

  • "I've found a bug", "I'm stuck in a wall", "I'm looking for a PrC Token"

But when asking on the DM Channel

  • Bad way of trying and get DM's attention: "Anybody there?" or "Anyone got a few minutes?"

That way DMs can deal with the requests according to their urgency and how long each requires. For example: "Stuck in wall", rule breaking and "quick question on alignments" would likely be handled before "PrC quest".

If player gets no reply, then it is recommended to try again in 10-30 minutes. Keep in mind that no DM can be online at that time or that they can be occupied with some other of those 74 players on server.

"If you have a legit DM question, like token, alignment change, "I am stuck", "My fixture is stuck in the wall" and such, just keep trying, every ½ hour or so. It will not be considered spamming the DM channel. It's our job to fix those issues. If we are on, we'll normally answer if we got time or not." Qizzia

Be patient. Especially if asking for Prestige Class quest, it may take few days before they are completed. Contact over forums is encouraged for most issues you are unable to reach out for a team on a particular day.

On forums

  1. Reports regarding Rule Breaks or other violations.
  2. Event Requests, inquiries, updates particularly those requiring more work.
  3. PRC requests.
  4. Player praise/RPR watch.
  5. Ban Appeals.
  6. Sensitive Bug issues.
  7. Concept Questions.

Requests for PRC tokens

Revised by Titania

PRC Token requests are only needed for assassin, harper, and shifter. It is highly recommended you send a PM to Active DM Team on the forums, rather than ping in channel/e-mail. PRC Tokens are usually completed within twenty-four hours. If you do not receive a approve, deny, or follow up questions in that time frame, please resend the PM requesting for an update, or ping the channel.

Shifters take slightly longer, as they are kept to limited amount, but we do our best to have these done within the week.


Keep it short, truthful (facts) and simple. Screenshots or quotations are often better then long descriptions.

List of all DMs registered on Arelith forums can be found on list of Active DMs. It is required to be logged in to the forums to see it. Currently they are the following:

  • Head DM Spyre (Lord of DMs, Major Deity)
  • DM Titania (Queen of Faeries)
  • DM GrumpyCat (But is sometimes a happy cat)
  • DM Innis (In Nis)
  • DM Template (Prefers organized and orderly looking reports)
  • DM Wish (Limited to three)
  • DM Always This Late (Please expect late responses)
  • DM Pindrop (If a Pin drops in a room and nobody is around to hear it...)
  • DM Roku (Not the Japanese number for six)
  • DM Chilliad (Very cold. Wear gloves)
  • DM Sollers (Likes foxes)
  • DM Apollo (Also known as the Greek God)
  • DM Atropos (Your fate will be decided)
  • DM Avalon Soul (Also known as Lord of Whales)
  • DM Slide (Children must be this tall to ride)

The best way to contact a DM is sending a PM to the Active DM group.


In e-mail

E-mail is the third method, largely having the same suggested use as the forums, except it is the only access of communication for those also with forum bans.