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To start using Draconic in game, type -dr console command for Mith's Virtual Console.

Draconic is the language of the ancient, early generation dragons.

Draconic on Arelith is not "true" Draconic (Draconic as dragons speak it), therefore it might not hurt to keep into consideration the difference in the three Draconics, depending on the situation:

All Wizards gain Draconic as a spellcasting, arcane Draconic when they have wizard levels. It is a language they use for spells, but also everything else which involves the Arcane. This arcane Draconic is more or less a fancy variant of the true Draconic.

All Kobolds too gain Draconic, but as the kobold language. Kobolds use this language to communicate with eachother. It is a language derived from true Draconic, but with centuries between the language. In a way a dialect, but perhaps a language on its own, with resemblances to true Draconic. It has little to do with the arcane Draconic. (On a sidenote, see: Options for speaking as a Kobold).

True Draconic, as spoken by ancient, early generation dragons, is a language that very few have mastered. Even not all dragons know the true Draconic language. The first reason is that there are not that many ancient dragons left to find in the world: some were killed by brave knights, others by their own kin. The second reason is that ancient dragons rarely (if at all) have a reason, or the patience, to learn anyone their language.

Compare true Draconic to Latin in the real world: it is the language of ancient Rome, the Romans. After the fall of the Roman empire, Latin became a lost language. As it is now in the world, Latin is in fact a dead language. Italian resembles it on many levels, but there are centuries between the languages: they are not the same anymore. Italian therefore can be compared to the Kobold Draconic, a strongly evolved dialect. 18th Century scholars often spoke and wrote in Latin, because it was simply considered a language of knowledge. They had no evidence of how exactly it was spoken, since the only Latin known to humans that live now, is written Latin; we have no idea if the spoken Latin resembles the written Latin, we can only guess and reason, but we are never sure. This is how you could look at the arcane Draconic as wizards use it.

On Arelith this language is known by: