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To start using Dwarven in game, type -dw console command for Mith's Virtual Console.

Dwarven (or Dwarvern) is the common tongue of all Dwarves and their subraces, including Duergar. It is an ancient, secret language. It uses the Dethek rune alphabet (see link below). Dwarves generally do not speak their language near strangers, because they do not want them to learn it. Duergar have this tendency as well, but they are not as strict in this as surface Dwarves.

On Arelith, the Dwarves and Duergar sometimes use a certain kind of common, where they replace normal English words with Scottish-like variants, or simply phonettically. This is done to give it an extra touch. Some examples for illustration:

"Hello there miss, I am about to go on a long journey, and I was wondering if you could provide me with some provisions for my trip. By the way, you look beautiful this evening."


"Hello there lass, I be goin' on a long jerney, and I wis wonnerin' iffen ye kin gimme some ale fer the trip. Ye be lookin' mighty fine dis evenin' I mist add."


"Oi thar lassy, ah be goin' on a lon' journey, an' me wis wonderin' if ye kin gimme sum beer fer me trip. An' ye be lookin' moity foin dis eev'nin I have tae add."

As you can see, there are many possiblities in doing this (see the links below for more). Just be sure to keep in mind that there is in no way a rule that says which variant of words one can or should use, nor is there a rule stating that you have to use this dialect when speaking Common in the first place.

On Arelith this language is known by:

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