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A forging workstation

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Dweomercraft, formerly called Enchantment, is a way to customize existing items. Various properties can be added ranging from skill bonuses to weight reductions.


Dweomercraft is done using an Enchantment Basin which is a fixture created with Art Crafting. There are also several basins around the server in typical locations for crafts, magic or religion. Place the item you want to enhance into the basin and close the container. You will be presented with a series of options in dialogue.

Dweomercrafting costs gold per try that is based on the power of the item and enhancement being added. This gold starts out low but can get very high as the power of items increase.

There is also a chance of failure on each enhancement. Items start out at 95% chance of success and range down to 5% chance of success. This is based on the power of the item and the enhancement being added. Some powers or enhancements cost much more than others. Failing this chance means the item is destroyed along with the gold used. Failing an item with only a 5% chance of success also results in an XP penalty of 1/10 the gold used.

Because the chance of adding new properties quickly becomes 5%, adding properties to existing items is rarely done. Instead, dweomercrafters purchase or create several unenchanted items and use the basin to risk the low creation chance. Some items may require 50 attempts or even more to successfully create, costing hundreds of thousands of gold in the process. This serves as a soft limit on the power of equipment.

Dweomercraft Tiers

Dweomercraft skill is measured in three Tiers which are gained by taking certain classes and feats.

The bonuses for each Tier are the following:

Tier Add Skill Bonus Add to Runic Items Gold Used
1 +1 33% Chance Slight Reduction
2 +2 66% Chance Moderate Reduction
3 +2 100% Chance Significant Reduction

One Tier is gained for each of the following:

  • 12 levels of Sorcerer, Druid, Cleric and Wizard (not Spellsword).
  • 21 levels of Bard, Warlock, Ranger, Paladin and Spellsword.
    • Having 28 levels of these classes adds a second Tier.
  • Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion or Craft Wand feats.
  • Skill Focus or Epic Skill Focus feats in either Craft Weapon or Craft Armor.
  • +1 Tier each time the total ranks invested in skills Craft Weapon or Craft Armor reach 15, 25, and 35.

Palemaster or Harper levels are added to their primary class. For example, Bard PMs get tiers from bard levels not Wizard levels.

You can see which tier your character is by using the -date console command in the chat box.


  • A Sorcerer at level 24 has 24 primary caster levels, so qualifies for Dweomercrafting Tier II. Picking up one Crafting Feat (say, Brew Potion or Skill Focus: Craft Weapon) would grant that character Tier III.
  • A Wizard at level 24 has 24 primary caster levels, and also got Scribe Scroll automatically at level 1, so qualifies for Dweomercrafting Tier III.
  • A Fighter (or other mundane character) with three Skill Focus feats (including one Epic Skill Focus) in Craft Weapon and Craft Armor qualifies for Dweomercrafting Tier III.
  • A Cleric 10/Druid 14 has 24 total primary caster levels, so qualifies for Dweomercrafting Tier II.
  • A Ranger 20/Bard 8 has 28 total hybrid caster levels, so qualifies for Dweomercrafting Tier II.
  • A Druid 10/Bard 20 has 10 primary caster levels and 20 hybrid caster levels, so does not qualify for any Dweomercrafting Tiers.

Mundane Crafting

A Deity with the Knowledge and Invention aspect will intervene in non-5% failures, once per in-game day, if the character is a Mundane Dweomercrafter rather than a Magic Dweomercrafter. This is determined by which of the following is greater, Mundane or Magic Points:

  • +1 Mundane Point each for having Craft Weapon or Craft Armor skills at 15, 25, or 35.
  • +1 Mundane Point each for having Skill Focus or Epic Skill Focus feats in either Craft Armor or Craft Weapon.
  • +1 Magic Point each for having Brew Potion, Scribe Scroll or Craft Wand feats.
  • +1 Magic Point each for Tiers gained from caster levels (see above chart).

You can see which type your character is by using the -date console command in the chat box.

In addition to this, Characters following a deity with the Magic aspect also get this intervention once per in game day on a non-5% failure. Mundane vs Magic does not factor in to these characters following Magic aspect Deities.

Runic Items

Items with Runes attached allow Dweomercrafters to increase their chance to add another property. This chance only works once on the next enhancement attempted. For Tier 3 Dweomercrafters this chance is 100%. See the above chart for the percentages.

Most runes are called Arcane and can be worked with by any crafter. This includes crafted runes that can be manually applied to items. Some runes, though, are in specific languages and only apply their bonus to Dweomercrafters who are fluent in that language. Items that are found already Runed have an increased chance of being in specific languages instead of Arcane. These languages from common to rare are: Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial.

Names and Ownership

Items are considered "owned" by their creator or the last character to add a property with Dweomercrafting. "Owned" items can be renamed and have their description changed at no cost or chance of failure by using the basin or appropriate crafting workstation. To take ownership of an item in this way, it is common to add a low-cost enhancement such as 20% weight reduction. This still comes with a chance of failure, though, which will destroy the item. Most found items will need to be enhanced in this way for their name to be changed.

Items may also be edited in this way by having the owner add a name in [] brackets. Factions can be set to own items using the faction name in {} brackets. Partial names work, too. Adding [all] to the name will allow anyone to edit it in this way.


  • Deities with the Magic and Knowledge & Invention aspects intervene to allow a failure to succeed once per in-game day at a moderate cost to Piety. This intervention happens only on non-5% attempts, though. See the above Mundane Crafting section for details on these interventions.
  • It is best to leave the more expensive enchantments for the end. If the value of the item was greater from the start, all the following enchantments onto that item would have a lower chance of success.
  • There are various combinations and possibilities that a master enchanter could come up with for what a final item looks like, without falling down to 5% in their last attribute. An all-time favorite is +2 Skill, +2 Skill, +2 Skill, +2 Skill, +1 Ability, +1 Ability, in this order.
  • The Enchantment Basin will only work with one item or stack of items in at a time. Players will otherwise get a message notifying them if there is more than one.
  • Item properties of the same 'type' may not stack. For example, it is possible to put +1 strength and +1 dexterity on an item without issue. It is not possible to put a Level 1 spell slot (wizard) and a Level 2 spell slot (wizard) on the same item, however.
  • Appraise and Heal skill bonuses cannot be added as items properties through enchantment.

Potential Enhancements

A full and specific list of enhancements is found by placing the item in a basin. Specific items may allow specific enhancements.

Type Options
Ability Bonus +1 to Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis or Cha. Note: multiple bonuses of the same ability on the same item do not stack.
AC Bonus +1 to Armor Class. The type depends on the item: Boots give Dodge, Amulets give Natural, Armor/clothes gives Armor, Shield gives Shield, and all other items give Deflection.
Enhancement Bonus +1 to weapons only.
Weight Reduction 10% or 20% reduction. 100 pound items with 20% reduction weigh 20 pounds, and with 10% reduction they weigh 10 pounds.
Bonus Spell Slot Bonus Level 0, 1, 2, or 3 Spell for all classes. Bonuses to classes without spells are possible but useless.
Damage Bonus +1 or +1d4 Damage Bonus in Acid, Cold, Divine, Electric, Fire, Negative, Positive or Sonic types.
Damage Immunity 5% Damage Immunity to Acid, Cold, Divine, Electric, Fire, Negative, Positive or Sonic types.
Damage Resistance 5/1 Damage Resistance to Acid, Cold, Divine, Electric, Fire, Negative, Positive or Sonic types.
Enhanced Container: Reduced Weight Note: There are no containers currently on the server making this unusable. The closest to these are the Bags, but not even these may be enchanted with Dweomercraft.
Spell Resistance 10 Spell Resistance
Saving Throw Bonus Improved Saving Throws: +1 to Universal, Acid, Cold, Death, Disease, Divine, Electric, Fear, Fire, Mind Affecting, Poison, Negative Energy, Positive Energy, or Sonic.
Skill Bonus Skill Bonus: +1 or +2 to all skills except Appraise and Heal. See the Tier table above for how to add +2 skills.