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XP Calculation

Effective Character Level (ECL) penalties adjust a character's level for the purpose of experience gain, to account for special abilities which give a character an advantage. On Arelith, these penalties come from gifts and subrace bonuses.
If a level 13 character has an ECL adjustment of +2, then his or her Effective Character Level is 15.

ECL XP adjustments are calculated as follows, and rounded down: (Level / ECL) x XP

A level 15 character receives 20xp for killing a NPC.
A level 15 character with +2 ECL receives (15 / 17) x 20XP = 17XP

As shown in the tables below, ECL also affects XP gains from roleplay bonus.

RPR ECL Reduction

As an added plus, an ECL reduction based on the RPR was implemented and works in conjunction with other ECL bonus and penalties.

Players with RPR 0 and 10 don't have a bonus.
Players with RPR 20 will have ECL -0.5
Players with RPR 30 will have ECL -1
Players with RPR 40 will have ECL -1.5

Note that the experience received from the RPR bonus will not be affected by the ECL - RPR 20 will grant 20 per tick, RPR 30 will grant 30 per tick.

ECL and Parties

ECL only affects individual XP gain. For the purpose of party XP calculation, the level on a character's sheet is used, and individual XP gain is adjusted afterward.

Partying/traveling with a character that has ECL will not reduce XP gain.

Total ECL Calculation

The total ECL works in simple add and subtract, but all the influences of the ECL have to be taken in mind. These include:

RPR bonus
ECL-reducing Awards

So if you are playing a Gnoll who has used a Minor Award for ECL (-1), the gift of Subrace(+1), the Gift of Humility(-2), and is at RPR 30(-1), you'd have -3 of ECL applied.