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To start using Elven in game type -el console command for Mith's Virtual Console.

Elven (or sometimes, by Elves, called True Tongue) is the language of all surface Elves. Its script is known as Espruar.

The Elven language is closely related to Xanalress, the language of the drow. Compare the difference between Xanalress and Elven to Americans and Englishmen in the real world: Americans left Great Britain about 400 years ago. There was not much communication between the two countries with the Atlantic Ocean between them, therefore the languages went their own way, resulting in the differences between American and English as we know it. If an American goes to London, he can still understand British English, but they have words and phrases that do not match with what he has learned and vice versa. For Drow and Elves this is the same, but with much more differences, since the American-British separation is only from 400 years, while the Xanalress-Elven seperation goes back thousands of years. Each however would still understand the basic meaning of the sentence the other is speaking. Note that this is not exactly the same as the Italian-Latin seperation used as an example in Draconic: Italians can not automatically read Latin, nor could a Roman understand much of what an Italian is saying. Elves and Drow understand eachother quite well.

On Arelith this language is known by:

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