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(by Jjjerm)

"When we first started out as a server, we were as babes, young and innocent. As the server has grown, it has evolved. As it has evolved, sometimes we've made changes in policy that we felt moved the server into the direction of role play that we wanted it to go. Initially, when we made a policy change, we would "grandfather" in players who didn't quite meet the requirements if they had it before. After a while, we realized that this was counterproductive and left us with the same issues from the existing characters, and so about a 3 years ago we stopped "grandfathering in" players who had gotten X (whatever x might be) before we had set a requirement of Y (whatever y might be) on it."

"So, here is the official Arelith policy. We do not grandfather in, or allow to be played, a character that does not meet the current requirements for that class OR race, etc. Soon, we will begin automatically enforcing that policy. "

"That being said, we understand that the RPB in particular is dynamic, and will change. To that end, the first 3 (three) times you login with your "illegal" (ie, you do not meet the requirements) character, you will be gently booted with a message that says "We're sorry, but you do not currently meet the requirements to play this character.""

"It is our expectation that there will not be a necessity of more than 3 gentle warnings to understand that until X requirement is attained you aren't supposed to try to log in with that character. If that expectation is incorrect, we apologize in advance."

Automatic enforcing of Grandfathering rule

  • first 3 times: frozen in place, unable to move/interact with other characters until the requirements are met to play that specific class/race.
  • forth time: character is deleted