Horses freeze my game

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Client Freezes when a Horse Appears on your Screen? What to do?


(Written by DM Pindrop)

It seems there's a solution in the Bioware forums.

"It's client side loading of 13+mb of horse animations. Since the NWN client by default only caches like 16mb in resources, so whenever a horse appears, it causes a momentary stutter as the client has to clear out the resource cache, then load the animation data off the HD. The standard humanoid animations cause no hiccup because you're almost always guaranteed to have it in memory being a PC so it's always loaded.

You can up the amount by changing the nwnplayer.ini setting under [Game Options] and adding "Max Memory Usage=32". Up to a max of 64mb, beyond that there wasn't much performance benefit according to some tests we did internally. So there might be a small initial pause on the first horse load, but afterwards it might not be as bad even if you transition areas."