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Note: The Imp race may only be selected by spending a Major Award and writing a request to the DMs!

Fiends, the Fugue and the Afterlife

Before the Imp can be explained, the other things have to be explained.

There are many interpretations for this; this is only a version.

When a mortal meets their end and they ascend to the Fugue Plane, they have a small time frame before they are ferried to their ultimate end according to their actions in life; many ascend to the side of their patron deity and go through their afterlife of partying, hunt, combat, love, lectures or whatever that was promised by your god, or in the case of the Faithless and the False, they join the wall of the dead city of Kelemvor to eternally suffer for their unwillingness to take a stance or accept a deity as their patron.
A third option exists. Waiting in the Fugue, many fiends - denizens of the lower planes - wait to lure and corrupt the recently-deceased with the offer of becoming a minor fiend. Many servants of fiendish powers surrender their souls in life as well, thus joining the fiendish ranks in their afterlife, sometimes as medium-ranked fiends in their large hierarchy if their service in life was considerable, but most aren't as lucky or clever with their bargains, and instead join as least devils, the lowest form of devil, with only a marginal chance to ever raise to a higher rank.
Devils make their home in the Nine Hells of Baator, the Lawful Evil plane of existence, where they live for a very strict, efficient and divine hierarchy of power which they dogmatically try to ascend by whatever mean necessary, no matter how gruesome the task. Devils are also perpetually locked in the Blood War with their most hated enemies, the Demons of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. Their hatred is not necessarily personal, but something integrated in their very nature; they cannot help but to abhor their counterparts.
Many fiends dedicate their existence to adquiring more souls to fuel the Blood War, or serving greater devils with the hopes of ascending the hierarchy and receiving greater power. They have little choice in this matter, since minor fiends are pawns to the beck and call of their superiors, and only in power they may be free again to boss their lessers.


The Imp is a lesser devil - they enjoy a moderate degree of autonomy, but they are often employed with little doubt by greater devils. They are not as physically strong and imposing as other fiends, standing between 2 feet tall and not weighing more than 8 pounds, but they have a malicious cleverness to them that they use expertly to corrupt and lead mortals into lawfully-evil deeds. As devils, they are the incarnation of deception and trickery.

They are small creatures, only remotely humanoid, with batlike wings, a venomous stingered tail and a sometimes they have a pair of horns jutting from their heads. They are usually hued in some tone of red, but there may be many variants to this.

Roleplay Tips

They are lesser devils. Unlike kobolds or duergars, mortal races that have evil tendencies, the imps are the definition of lawful evil and it is very unlikely, if not impossible that they would break away from their alignment naturally.

Generally, the main goal of any imp is climbing up the ladder of the devilish hierarchy. To do so, they specialize in sweet-talking mortals into lawful-evil acts to damn their souls, usually approaching their marks as friends, always willing to offer their 'wise' counsel.

Don't PvP any devil that you see to express your character's hatred toward them, but hostile RP is adviceable, even when a situation 'forces' you to cooperate with your sworn enemy.

Imps are generally weaker than any other devil of its class, but they embrace this weakness. It makes them unassuming, and in their facade of powerlessness, they strive to expand their influence building relations and gathering allies.

Creating a new character on Arelith


  • Alignment Restriction: Lawful Evil.
  • Requires Major Award.


-4 STR, +2 DEX, +4 CHA
+2 Regeneration
Invisibility (Level 3) 1/Day
Polymorph Self 2/Day
Spell resistance: 10 (does not scale)
Damage resistance: Fire 20/-
Damage reduction: 5/+1
Immunity to Poison
Permanent Ultravision

ECL +3

Base Race: Halfling


  • May only use tiny weapons (Daggers, darts, kukries, shurikens)
  • Imps don't have any character collision - they go through PCs and NPCs (This is mostly due to their size and navigation problems with their hitboxes)
  • Imps are not humanoid, so they are immune to any spell targeted to a Person (IE: Daze, Charm Person).
  • As Outsiders, they are vulnerable to a plethora of effects:
    • Dismissal and Banishment spells: An Imp that fails a Dismissal save will be frightened. Failing the Banishment save will return the imp to a place somewhere in the Nine Hells.
    • Planar Binding spells: Stuns on failed save.
    • Planar Turning: If the character has twice as many levels as the Imp have hit dice, the Imp is instantly destroyed. Otherwise the Imp is frightened
  • You can select any evil alignment at character creation, but you will be automatically shifted to Lawful Evil. This allows you to select the bard class, since Arelith allows lawful bards.
  • Imps do not require to drink or eat to survive

Starting City: Andunor.

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