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In game you can open your Journal by pressing button "J". The third tab includes information that can be written by player and that is stored locally on your computer.

It can be very useful for noting down names of characters that you meet, their ranks or details about them, names of place, prices, or words and phrases in different languages that you wish to remember.

It is possible to paste text inside journal from windows' clipboard, but it is not possible to copy text out from Journal in game.

Editing journal file out of game

(Credits to Slaiv)

Outside of game, you can find text file including text of your private Journal and edit it.

  • Go to folder where is your Neverwinter Nights game installed and enter folder "localvault".
  • You will see files named after names of your characters:
    • .bic files - don't worry about these
    • .txt files

The .txt is your personal journal for your character. It is saved client side, not server side. You can open it in any text editor and edit it.

You can update Journal at -any time- in game or out of game. You can even edit the .txt (out of game) while your character is in game and the changes will reflect in game when you alt-tab back in game (if you're already logged on and playing).