Listen to the DMs

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Listen to the DMs is one of the 5 golden rules on Arelith servers. The following are few explanations and clarifications for it.

The DMs are the voice of authority in any issue or dispute. The word of a DM is final.

We like to spend most of our time running quests and enhancing the experience of the server, but the other side of the job involves policing and mediating between players to ensure that the rules are being observed, and to limit general disruption to the server. If you disagree with a DMs ruling, that's fine, so long as you still obey it.

If there is a circumstance where you feel that you've been treated unfairly by a DM, or that you have just reason to contest a ruling that was made, don't worry, you do have a recourse.

Step 1: Obey the ruling for the time being. Going off and getting mad, or willfully breaking rules and acting contrarily will not help anything, and may earn you some deserved punative action.

Step 2: Send a polite and concise to the active DM team in the forum explaining your situation. If you cannot write in a calm and objective fashion to explain how you were treated unfairly, do not write anything at all. Breath, give it some time, try again later.