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The eater in The Dark, The Great Kivvil Eater, The Glorious Goblin, The Dreaded Father, The Terrifying Goblin Leader
| La'laskra | Oogooboogoo

Power Level: Setting-specific deity
Symbol: A big O drawn with human and elven teeth, often a mace and/or a dagger is situated in the middle. Sometimes the O is made up by a group of goblins surrounding their foe (a symbol for the clan and the strength of numbers).
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Shamans, Rogues, Fighters, Barbarians
Worshipers: Underdark Goblins and some Underdark Hobgoblin barbarians.
Domains: Death, Magic, Trickery, War, Grow/life (life in evil ways to grow, breed and get stronger)[1]
Arelith worshippers' alignments[2]: CN, NN, NE, CE

Favored weapons: The “Kivvil Kneecrusher” (mace) and The Backpoker/Eyepoker (dagger)


Oogooboogoo is described as a deity for nearly all parts of goblin life – with a big focus on war but not only.

The two sides of Oogooboogoo:

Oogooboogoo as a war leader: (his evil side) tells about goblins ways of “war” [Gobin ways of war]

  • Goblinz fight smart – no stupidz
  • Only attackx weakx
  • If opponentz may bez stronger yuz runz
  • Alwayz try to bez more than otherz: attack wild from all sidez and crush
  • If yuz alone: sneak and poke in back or uze trapz

Oogooboogoo as goblin father: (his neutral side) tells about goblins ways of "life" [Gobin ways of life]

  • A gobo without clan is poor gobo
  • If goboz getz strong, clan getz strong – if clan growz, gobo growz
  • If goboz iz weak, clan getz weak – yuz no letz clan getz weak!
  • So goboz collectz, raidz, lootz, stealz all they getz! Yuz breed and grow in numberz!

Oogooboogoo main rule: Goboz be smartz and uze all trickz to survive! Then good chance yuz crush and grow!


Oogooboogoo is an Arelith-specific deity.


  1. Domain is not supported in Neverwinter Nights
  2. On Arelith, the restriction for D&D clerics also applies to blackguard, paladins, rangers, and divine champions