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A player is allowed to own one of each of the following properties in game:

Slave characters may only own shops and slave quarters (usually found in the UD), and quarters within Guildhouses belonging to their owners.

This limit is applied per player, not per character. If a player own property with one character, their other characters are not allowed to purchase anymore. They may acquire a key from another property owner and share their quarters instead.

Properties are limited and therefore it is unappreciated to keep quarters that are not used for roleplay. If player logs on shortly once per week to renew ownership of quarter or shop, or if they own more of them, then a DM may decide to remove said ownership. If players suspect such behavior in an area with high demand for accommodation or shops, they can contact DMs with their suspicion. It is recommended to first pursue the IC way, for example by trying to leave an IC message on door for the owner to try and request to purchase their property. Likewise, if you don't intend to use your quarter or shop for a lengthy period of time it is considered polite to give it up so that other players can use it. Some DMs even frown heavily on those who log in once a week only to renew their hold on a quarter, shop, or guildhouse.

As well, it is forbidden to buy properties with the sole purpose of selling them.


You are only allowed to steal one item from each player quarter per 24 real life hour period. See the No excessive theft rule and the Twenty four hours rule. In the case of a guild house, you can steal one item from each quarter in the guild house, and if the guild house has a chest, one item from the guild house. Effectively, this still remains one item per player housing per RL day.

If a quarter is abandoned, every item inside is technically free for the taking. If the situation allows, it would be common courtesy to return the items as the previous owner may eventually want them back.


If character wishes to gain access inside a house or quarters, then there are many ways to do so; such as picking the lock, bashing the door, receiving an invitation, sneaking in, or obtaining a key.

Property Auctioning

"This isn't something I generally approve of, if players wish to sell property then there is a tool to do so. Limited periods of auction are likely fine until there is a ruling otherwise, but I will be advising DMs to release these should they feel the auction is lasting too long.

One thing I am forbidding now is purchasing shops/quarter with the sole purpose of auctioning them off. I've started adding a lot more shops, and dropping the price so as to facilitate entry into the economy by new players.

If a shop is bought, left empty, and offered via the shop sign for auction it will be immediately released by one of the team."


In other words, please do not play Real Estate Agent, or you will see your property you are "Real Estating" released. Thank you!