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Redirect page contains no information, but provides way to "move" reader to different article or its part.


  • For users to easily find some information with search.
  • For key words to be placed inside articles without need to always create custom links.

Creating redirect page

1.) Create new article. For example:

  • by creating new link to it in existing article, or
  • by entering the title in the box below:




buttonlabel=Create new article


2.) Write following code inside it:


where ABC is name of the article or place where user should be redirected.

Just like with normal links, it is possible to link also to part of articles. For example current redirect page Mirrors leads to part of article Customization titled "Distorted and prismatic mirrors" and its code looks like this:

#REDIRECT [[Customization#Distorted_and_prismatic_mirrors]]

3.) Add categories if desired.

4.) Save page.

Editing redirect page

1.) Use redirect page by clicking its link or using it in Search.

2.) Go to top of the article where is written:

(Redirected from ABC)

where ABC is the name of the redirect page and link to it.

3.) Clicking the link will lead back to redirect page that can be edited.