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Roleplay is the heart and soul of our little world, and with that in mind, we've implemented a unique way to reward and encourage those who add to it.

A Role Play Bonus (also referred to as RPB, Role Per Rating, Role Play Rating or RPR) is a number between 0 and 40 that measures your demonstration of good Role Play and gamesmanship, perceived by the DMs. Here is a general guide to the Bonuses:

0 Bonus: Does not stay in character, rushes around from spawn to spawn killing things with little to no interaction.
10 Bonus: Stays in character sometimes, OR is new to the server and still to be evaluated - this is the starting RPR for all players.
20 Bonus: Stays in character at all times, creates a memorable personality, and is fun to play with.
30 Bonus: Shows exceptional aptitude to bring out the good RPer in those around them, is part of the living, breathing world and environment of Arelith.
40 Bonus : "A master role player is one who is willing and able to bend their character concept to make the game more enjoyable for all involved. To assist the DM in making the game fun, and not to show discord." -Gary Gygax

Other Interpretations: DM Titania's (For All Levels):

0: Is OOC, troublemakers (Abusing language system/macros to avoid afk), or people not RPing at all.
10: New Players, players putting in minimal effort.
20: Standard. Always stays in character, fun to play with. Has a character that is distinctly part of the world and not a representative of the player
30: A player that helps organize mini-events and actions with RPed intents and consequences kept in mind.
40: The shakers and movers. Creating mini-stories through their efforts of change that ripple about with the tension and conflict they bring, building on others and the world's story.

DM Apollo's (For all levels):

0: Troublemakers or people not RPing at all
10: New players, new players learning to RP and players only putting in a little effort
20: The standard RPer, roleplays pretty well
30: Encourages others to RP well by RPing well themselves, tries to make their RP fun for more than just themselves and has an interesting character
40: A pillar of the community that strives to make things fun for as many people as they can, helps keep the world moving and breathing

DM Grumpycat's (For 20/30/40):

20: Has a generally ok character, roleplays well,
30: Has an awesome character, is willing to pass the limelight around, makes interesting and immersive rp, but isn't necessarily great at world building, or making grand storylines.
40: really builds not only on others, but on the worlds. As story and conflict in a fun and interesting way.

DM Wish's in form of an example (For 20/30/40):

Willingness to involve themselves in a raid - RPR 20
Willingness to organise a raid, successfully, with RP intents & IC motives in mind over OOC - RPR 30
Willingness to organise unique initiatives which challenge RP norms and expectations in a positive way; with IC & RP kept in mind towards building a grander, inclusive story for those wishing to take part (I.E., a controversial play that pulls at several different settlements to stop/support/participate) - RPR 40

DM Chilliad's:

0 : Struggles to stay in character and respect the setting, abusing macros; is punished.
10 : New to the server, learning the ropes of the setting and RP. Character breaks and OOC actions often.
20 : Stays in character, understands the setting. Base line for most expectations of RPR.
30: Does not abuse mechanics, does not illustrate a 'must win' attitude, good sportsmanship, loses gracefully, takes victory kindly, and writes an interesting character that requires little to no DM supervision or assistance.
40: A role model for the community; someone who is an exceptional fair sport, fills all 30 criteria, is a gravitational pull starting their own RP and waves in the IC setting and atmosphere without DM assistance. Is inclusive and mindful to the community as a whole, not just their personal friends. Must be a positive influence on the community and write both an excellent character, but a fantastic story that allows others to shine and thrive from the opportunity.

Players will receive an XP bonus every game time hour (6 real time minutes) equal to your Role Play Bonus. If character has MoD, an extra 20 XP will be granted at each interval. This does not increase one's qualifications for various RPB-requirement Arelith features, such as subraces and classes.

Characters will only receive this bonus when actively interacting with the world and/or other players. If your character idles (in the lack of IC conversation, emoting or movement), it will not accrue the RP Bonus.

The Role Play Bonus is meant to be dynamic, and will go up and down throughout time on server as players are observed in different circumstances, according with the level of roleplay that they tend to display, or are currently displaying. Try not to take it personally if it goes down; the DM who lowered it may make a suggestion or comment on why, if they are willing and able. Rule breaking will result in a swift RP Bonus drop, likely to 0. Fear not, noble adventurer, it can be earned back later through good RP and adherence to the rules. Just remember that the RP bonus is just that: a bonus. It's our way of rewarding those players that help to make Arelith an enjoyable world to play in.

If you know someone who is an excellent RPer, feel free to nominate them for an RP bonus increase!(Note that the RP Bonus in no way reflects your value as a player or human being. Some restrictions and limitations may apply, void where prohibited). Keep in mind that the RPR 10-20 often focus on your roleplay, while RPR 30-40 is about your out of character/in character-gamesmanship and how your roleplay inspire other players.

New players have to first start playing characters that do not require RP Bonus. After their RP gets noticed and RPR increased by DMs, that they can create PCs with some rare races or classes that require higher Bonus to play.

Role Play Bonus is tied to players' CD key. So a Role Play Bonus is kept for all characters and all player accounts played from the same CD key[1]. If you gain RPB of 20, then you will have that Bonus on all your characters, even on those newly created.

To broaden Staff reach, we've added chat command "-recommend", usable by 30 and 40 RPR players. It lets these players recommend others around them for good RP, and has two effects.

   *Firstly, if the recommended is currently 10 RPR, they get raised to 20 RPR. This will help us get new players into the system faster, and broadens the pool of people who can notice them.
   *Secondly, it logs the recommendation and broadcasts it to the DMs (both in game and to Discord). This is both to monitor use of it, and so that DMs get more input on who is worth reviewing for a higher rating.

The intention of this is both to get new players rated faster, but also to give DMs more time to focus on assessing 20s for 30 RPR.

Adventure XP

Whenever a character:

  • Enters a new location;
  • Kills a new type of enemy;
  • Activates a portal for the first time;
  • Sells a creature that was captured with the Lasso to the corresponding NPC;
  • Discovers a new location where to use the Lasso;
  • Completes a new craft recipe without any help;
  • Completes a Quest;
  • Kills something with the -adventure mode enabled;
  • Finds a new special place in the modules...

The character will be awarded a little of "delayed experience", or Adventure XP, and added to the pool. Each in-game hour (6 RL minutes), a minimum of 10 xp and a maximum of your RPR x2, will be awarded as experience along with the usual RPR bonus experience (up to 10% of your total adventure xp, though never more xo than your for x2). A little more if the character is in a [Rest] tagged area, like a tavern.

A character with RPR 20 and at least 400 of experience in the pool would receive 60 of experience each tick, 20 out of the RPR and 40 out of the pool.

The pooled experience persists and is always saved with the character.

The delayed experience awarded is relative for each action. Walking into the city bar may provide 25 of experience, but finding the last floor of a dungeon may award up to 200. Activating a portal awards up to 200.

Crafting requires one to completely finish the production without any assistance, and it grants item DC*10 worth of Adventure XP. Note that this only applies once per item type. Crafting through crafting feats (wands, scrolls, potions) grants the experience lost worth of adventure XP.

Killing enemies is based on their racial type. IE: Dragon, Goblinoid, Reptilian, Undead. The experience awarded will scale up with each new type slain.

The quests refer to the daily quests offered as NPC services. These quests pay a generous amount of instant XP and Adventure XP, along with gold, and usually involve going somewhere, slaying certain kind of foes, slaying a boss monster located in the area and returning for check out.


  1. This includes all characters on all Arelith servers