Shadow Mage

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NWN Requirement

Class: Wizard or Sorcerer. Specialist Evoker Wizards cannot become Shadow Mages.

General information

Many of the terms used when talking about "shadow" and "magic" tend to overstep their bounds. This happens because many arts and forms of power come from sources that are related in abstract ways.

Despite appearances, a Shadow Mage does not draw power from shadows, or even directly from the Plane of Shadow. In contrast to conventional mages, Shadow Mages use a mirrored variant of the Weave that is strictly controlled by Shar, the Mistress of the Night. They must usually petition and bargain to even achieve access to the Shadow Weave.

Mechanical Information

Shadow (Weave) Mage is a path for Wizard and Sorcerer characters. It can be obtained after creating your character via selection on the path menu in the starter area, or by talking to a special NPC IG, which is strictly IG information.


A Shadow Mage uses the Shadow Weave to power their spells. This means:

  • They cannot cast any Evocation spell and Evocation epic spells. However, they can cast Darkness.
  • They cannot become Wild Mages (or take any other wizard/sorcerer subclass), and are not affected by Wild Magic zones.
  • They cannot cast arcane spells if their deity is not Shar.


  • May take levels in Shadowdancer without meeting the usual skill and feat requirements. Instead of gaining Sneak Attack from their shadow, Shadow Mages get +1 caster level per Shadowdancer level.
  • Shadow Mages get +2 DC on all Illusion, Enchantment and Necromancy spells.
  • At Wizard/Sorcerer level 20, they are granted the Hide in Plain Sight feat.