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NWN Requirements

  • Feats: Dodge, Mobility
  • Skills: Hide 10, Move Silently 8, Tumble 5

Arelith Changes

  • Their Shadow Evade now lasts 3 rounds per class level.
  • A +1 bonus to Hide is given with each SD level taken.
  • Hide in Plain Sight feat (HiPS) will be granted at SD level 5 instead of 1.
    • After leaving stealth mode, HIPS will have 2 rounds of cooldown before it can be used again. Note that other ways of sneaking, such as corner-sneaking, still work while the cooldown is in effect.
  • Summon Shadow:
    • Infinite uses/day, but instead has a cooldown of 3 minutes starting the moment the shadow is slain or dismissed.
    • Summon duration increased to at least 24 hours.
    • The Shadowdancer gains a d6 of improved sneak attack (feat) per three levels of the Shadow when standing near it.
    • Can use the -a command and the Player Tool 1.
    • Shadows auto-guard the Shadowdancer. This behavior can be toggled by talking to the shadow.
    • The shadow mirrors the Shadowdancer in several ways:
      • They copy the final STR, DEX and CON, not the base.
      • They mirror the weapon, but theirs have the "no damage" property, and they cannot use shields or ranged weapons.
      • If the Shadowdancer has the epic shadowlord feat, the shadows copies the names, description, portrait, and soundset of the shadowdancer. Additionally, it gains immunity to Banishment, Dismissal, and Word of Faith.
      • They copy Weapon Finesse, Evasion, Improved Evasion, Defensive Roll, Epic Dodge, Uncanny Dodge, and all Dual Wield feats (including ranger's), if the shadowdacer has them.
    • Shadows Feats: Blind Fight, Crippling Strike, Sneak Attack (+1d6).
    • Shadows gain Regeneration and Damage Reduction /+6 equal to Shadow's hit dice /3.
    • Shadows gain the Hide in Plain Sight feat if the master has at least 5 Shadowdancer levels.
    • Shadow Skills: Discipline Hide, Move Silently, Listen, Spot.
    • Shadow Properties: DR 5/+1, 55% Concealment + 1% / Shadowdancer Level, Undead Immunities.
    • Shadows level up in the Outsider class equally to SD level + 5.
    • The Epic Shadow Lord feat grants the Shadow +5% Concealment, +5 Hit Dice.

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