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Player Owned Shops

Players can own shops in Arelith and stock them with a variety of items, including player crafted items and crafting components or resources.


A player accessing a shop as a customer, the shop inventory shown with goods on the left and the shop front on the right.
A shop purchase dialogue appears when a player removes a shop item, displaying its value.

Each shop when accessed by a potential customer will present them with an inventory listing the items available for purchase, the customer can then remove and inspect each item, removal of an item from the inventory presents the user with a dialogue option for purchase which also displays the price of the goods.


A shop sign, shop markup and details of ownership can be found using this.

The shop owner may mark the value of goods up or down, each shop inventory comes with a sign adjacent , the markup value at a particular store is displayed through the signs on-use dialogue and can be modified by the owner as required. Items are valued based on their blueprint gold value and then adjusted accordingly.

Temporary Shops

A temporary shop.

Temporary shops work exactly like usual player owned shops, but must be interacted with regularly. A temporary shop that has not been interacted with by the owner in the last hour will become available for sale once again. If no one buys the shop in the intervening time, the owner may reclaim the shop simply by interacting with it.