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The first building new surface characters come across in Cordor is the Speedy Delivery Co. a message and parcel carrying service run by hin.

Speedy Delivery Quest

The Speedy Delivery Co is home to Arelith's starting quest for new players. To receive this quest talk to the halfling behind the desk. You will get a number of parcels which can be given to NPCs around Cordor. If you cannot locate one or more of the NPCs it is highly recommended that you ask around as the purpose of the quest is to get you oriented with Cordor and its layout.

A similar starter quest exists in Underdark as well, provided by a mandatory NPC to talk in order to get out of the starter ship.

Notes on the Speedy Delivery Quest

It is highly recommended that new characters do this quest immediately as the total exp earned from finding all the NPCs is exactly 2000, enough to get a fresh level 2 character to level 3. Note that this quest can only be done once and can only be done when the character is below level 3.

Speedy Messenger

A halfling in the corner will deliver a message to anyone logged onto any Arelith server for 50 gold pieces. The recipient of the message will see a halfling drop down from the sky, speak the message, and then jump away again. The recipient will also get a server message with the contents of the message in case the messenger bugs out.

Speedies, disguises and sneaking

If you want to send a message to a disguised character, their real name won't do. You'll have to use their current disguised name. Bear in mind that this means that your character must know the name, as otherwise it would be metagaming.

After 30 seconds of entering stealth mode, a character will be "under the radar" and will cease to be a valid target for speedy messengers. Whenever the speedy availability changes, by entering or leaving stealth mode, a notification will be displayed in the combat log.

Similar service is available in Underdark by goblin messenger.


Speedy Messenger service does not offer delivery of items, written messages, or responses back to sender. They deliver only spoken messages from sender to recipient. Using tells to represent any of this is considered metagaming and illegal on Arelith. It is never allowed to send IC information via a Tell.

Messages should also not consist of emotes, only the message of Sender "Queen GrumpyCat calls upon you to attend to her royal feline in the Palace", rather than *Nervous muttering*, "The Queen threatened me to tell you to meet her at the palace."