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To conquer and bring into subjection.

What is it

Subdual is a tool that allows non-lethal combat to exist with a specific set of weapons. A character that activates this mode attempts actively to end the fight destabilizing and knocking down his opponent, instead of aiming to kill. Note that all of this only works for player characters on player characters.

How does it work

After activating -subdual, a character has to respect two conditions to stay within this mode.

  • It is strictly a melee way of combat, so only unarmed attacks, daggers, clubs, maces, whips, halberds, magic Staves and quarterstaves may be used to subdue a target. Changing to an unsupported weapon will disable the mode.
  • Casting harmful (magic missile, hold person) magic will disable this mode; however, buffing and the sort (flame weapon, restoration) of spells will not.

Attacking to disable may be strenuous, so all characters in this mode suffer a -4 AB penalty. However, having (not necessarily using) the Dirty Fighting feat will negate the penalty.

A character that falls 'subdued' has a 5% chance of dying, but otherwise will remain unconscious for 15 to 25 seconds. If both characters had the -subdual mode activated, there is no chance of death and the unconsciousness will last 40 to 60 seconds instead.

Revived characters have -10 to all stats, except constitution, for the next 6 to 12 minutes. Afterwards, it will drop to -5 for another 6 minutes, when it will finally wear off. While the character is in this weakened state, they cannot be subdued again - they will die normally.

Unrelent and Lassoing

A character may try to use a lasso on a subdued PC to tie them for up to five minutes. The time decreases in relativity to the subdued character's Use Rope skill.

Players that don't wish to participate in capture RP may enable the -unrelent command to die in struggle against the ropes; though there is a 5% chance of surviving and successfully escaping the ropes. Note that this has to be activated before their character is roped, not after.

On the RP, rules and courtesy

First and foremost, subdual, while non-lethal, does not mean gentle. It is a violent action that can still potentially kill the target. It is not to be used to "friendly" slap somebody without killing them; it is not to be used for a higher-level character to throw their weigh around, just because they can; and generally, it is not to be used lightly. Attacking somebody, regardless of the intent, should be considered carefully.

All the rules that apply to PvP apply to subdual as well. That means that you shouldn't cross and attack the same player within 24 real time hours, you should always RP and make clear your hostile intent, at least to the other player; you should have a valid reason other than your alignment to start the PvP, and you should always set your opponent as hostile before attacking.

If you wish to have a friendly spar and some tomfoolery, there are a few arenas within the modules where you may practice with little consequence other than the RP that you may bring with yourself. That does not mean that you cannot have a serious duel using subdual, but you should mind the rules if you do so outside an arena. If you are uncertain of your position, ask the other player through tells whether what you intend to do is fine by them.