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Crafting redux:




One for each trade.

On the crafting page have a link to the main article crafting page which gives the basics of crafting, like it currently does, as well as links to gifts and aspects that help out. Also include enchantment and the craft wand/scroll/potion feats on this page, or link to another page that has the low-down on them.


The articles would be named after the options in the crafting conversation. (Misc. Small, clubs, armor, misc. thin, etc.). With appropriate redirects.

Exceptions: Metal Armor article will only discuss metal armors.

Cloth/Leather armor will only list armors made through crafting.

Items like arrow bundles and spell components will have their own article, as they can be made through multiple trades.

If multiple trades have the same option (like multiple trades have misc. thins). One article will be called Misc. Thin (Alchemy) and another would be Misc. Thin (Cooking).

All articles will belong to the crafting category page and whatever trade is appropriate.

On top of the forging category page will be a table which list the properties for iron, mithril, steel, adamant helmets/armors/shields. In the property field for iron armors/helms etc. there will be a link to this table. The same will be done for weapons.

A template will be created for pages that have incomplete information that cannot be easily gathered. Such as for missing properties.