Epic Sacrifice

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Previously known as the 5% roll.

What is it?

There comes a time when it is time to say goodbye to even the most loved character. Perhaps they have finally perished, or chosen to return forever to life on the sword coast. Regardless of the reason, when it comes time to retire your character Arelith has an operational reward scheme.

When you use -delete_character, if your character is in the following level ranges, you have a chance at an award:

  • 16-20: 25% normal, 75% minor.
  • 21-25: 10% greater, 35% normal, 55% minor.
  • 26-30: 5% major, 20% greater, 75% normal.

If you are successful, you will get a floaty text message just before you are sent back to character selection on using -delete_character for the second and final time.

Also, for every 200.000 gold pieces that your character owns worth of flat gold, inventory value, bank account and gear equipped an extra 1% will be added to each awards of your roll (except the least-valued that you could get), with a maximum of +5% at 1 million gold pieces.

  • Level 30 normal roll: 5% major, 20% greater, 75% normal
  • Level 30 with 1 million GP roll: 10%, 25%, 65%


All of these apply only to new characters created after the retirement. Only one award may be redeemed per new character. You may use a superior-tiered rewards to purchase a lower reward.

  • Minor: -1 ECL applied to your character OR one of the following:
  • Access to the Forest Gnome subrace.
  • Access to the Hobgoblin subrace.
  • Access to the Wild Dwarf subrace.
  • Access to the Noble Award. This award currently grants Silver Palm as well as certain NPCs will recognize your nobility, sometimes granting you access to noble only perks.
  • Normal: -2 ECL applied to your character OR one of the following:
  • Greater: -3 ECL applied to your character, OR one of the following:
  • Major:

Spent character retirement awards may be refunded on characters of level 5 or below by using the -delete_character command. Using the command once will show which award tier that character is eligible for, if any.

This opportunity is no longer available if a character reaches level 6, even if they are to delevel.

Common Question Answers

  • Award redemption is per CD key. You can transfer awards freely between different accounts on the same key.
  • It is not possible to transfer or use your awards for other players. It may be possible with a 5%, but you should ask the admin team directly for that anyway.
  • There is no RPR requirement on RDD and shifter. If you're being silly with it, we'll deal with it on a case by case basis.
  • ECL is applied as follows. If you would normally get 100xp, and you have an ECL of -2, you get 100 * (level / (level -2)) xp. so at level 4 with -2ECL you get double xp from kills.
  • An award may only be applied to new characters.
  • If you want to remake a character, you have to drop their level below 16 before using -delete_character. It's against the rules to create the same character after having rolled them for an epic sacrifice, but not if they are off the spectrum that would trigger the roll. More info in the character remake article
  • The few other ways of permadeath of Arelith do not trigger the Epic Sacrifice roll, regardless the level, except and only specifically the Mark of Destiny.