Titles and modded appearances rule

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Titles (such as King, Captain, Master of Noodles, etc.) must be earned in game. A mechanical character name should be only the character's name, with no included honorifics. Other characters may choose to call them by a title, in character. Characters given titles at character creation will have their names changed by a DM or other staff member.

Famous names

Famous names are not allowed without direct permission from the staff. Characters with famous names - such as Drizzt Do'Urden or Frodo Baggins - will be deleted, or have their names changed.

"If a name risks breaching the immersion of an IC environment for a significant number of players, that's when I ask the player to change it." -DM Watchtower

If you believe that a character is using a famous name which might detract from the game, please contact a DM about it.

"As a DM it's almost impossible for us to know all names that violate the rules of naming. We come from different parts of the world. And we come from many different backgrounds, which means our background knowledge is not the same.
So if you see a name that you think is against the rules, do not hesitate to tell the DMs. We will then google it, and make a stand on it.
The longer a char exist with an illegal name, the more painful it will be to the player. And taking such a name (or a name that does not cross the line, but close) might be fun for a short while, but it doesn't excactly impress the DMs when it comes to rating a player." -Qizzia

Modified appearances

Modification of character appearance to add wings, tails, or any feature not available through normal character creation, is not allowed. Offending characters will be deleted, and repeat offenders may be banned.

Skin and hair colors are expected to be appropriate for a character's chosen race. Characters with inappropriate skin or hair color will be asked to remake, or change colors in the character editing room.

Non-standard head models or other body parts added through hakpaks are not allowed, as they will be invisible to any player without the correct modification. Characters with non-standard heads will be asked to remake, or change their head model in the character editing room.

Special Characters

The most special and enjoyable characters are those that are roleplayed well, and not those with unusual appearances or features.

Any player who desires a special feature, appearance, or race may spend a Major Character Retirement Award to request it.