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Note: The Troglodtye race may only be selected by spending a Normal Award!


Troglodytes are reptilian humanoids, a little shorter than humans, with spindly but muscular arms and squat legs, and a long and slender tail. Their heads are often adorned by a frill that extends from the forehead to the base of the neck, and they perceive the world with black and beady eyes. They are usually about 5 feet tall.

The troglodytes are considered a race of revolting lizards, as vile as the foulest of demons. They are very warlike and savor the taste of their enemies - specially humanoids. Although they may not be very intelligent, their ferocity and natural cunning is more than enough to compensante for this deficiency. They often launch bloody raids against humanoid settlements, or ambush caravans in warm climates. They guard their lairs aggressively, lashing out at anybody that comes too near.

Odors are crucial to the troglodytes, since it is said that they used to employ - and still might - an alphabet based on smells. It is only through necessity that they had to adapt and expand their vocabularies to other tongues, favoring Draconic and Undercommon.

The stench of an angry or frightened troglodyte was so foul that it sickened all living creatures nearby, even after the troglodyte died.


Troglodyte societies are ruled by the largest and fiercest among them, with subchieftains who have distinguished themselves in battle. Troglodytes like to lair near humanoid settlements, where they can prey on their inhabitants and their livestock. They raid on moonless nights where their darkvision and their coloration is at most effective.

They prize steel and strong metals above all else. Their lairs often have sections where the treasure is piled, or mixed with the refuse, since it belongs to no one in special. They favor large caves, with smaller rooms where they can build their nest for eggs and hatchlings.


The troglodytes worship Laogzed. Its symbol is an oozing toad-lizard, or a lizard's head. Their deity offers troglodytes nothing but aspiration, and for them to be as content as they see him, while less pleased troglodytes may see him as a wasting deity that cares nothing but to binge on meal after meal, paying little to no mind to the troglodytes as a race.

Creating new character on Arelith


  • Half-Orc base race
  • Alignment restriction: Non-good
  • Requieres Normal Award


+2 CON, -2 INT
+2 AC
Stench (see below)

ECL +1

Stench Aura

Fort DC vs Poison: 10+half level+Con mod

Effects: -2 AB, -2 damage, -2 saving throws, -2 to all abilities and -2 to skills for 10 rounds There's a cooldown of how often the aura can effect a specific individual of 10 rounds, on both success and failure. Location on the radial: On right click character: 9:00 position then 10:00 position (where sorcerer/wizard infini spells show up)


  • Bonus language:
  • Starting city: Andunor