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A forging workstation

Crafting on Arelith:
Art Crafting
armor - poison
resources - runes

Weapons are any item that causes physical damage when wielded by a creature. These range from melee and ranged weapons to projectiles and ammunition.

Most weapons can be created with Forging.

See Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons for stats and crafting recipes.

Level Requirement

Arelith uses its own system to determine the level necessary to equip most gear crafted through the crafting system.

Weapons crafted through forging have their own requirement, but otherwise, all weapons follow these exact price/requirement tiers:

  • 2000 GP = Level 1
  • 4000 GP = Level 4
  • 7000 GP = Level 7
  • 15000 GP = Level 10
  • 30000 GP = Level 13
  • Higher cost = Level 16
  • Increased UMD flagged items= Level 21

The cost of an item is determined the moment it is generated. Even if the item is enchanted, upgraded, essenced, or changes owner, the requirement will remain exactly the same.

Weapon Changes

Bastard Sword can be toggled to one handed/two handed with the -twohand command. Bastard swords, however, don't receive the bonus above when they are two-handed using the command.

Dwarven Waraxe can be used by Dwarves without taking the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. Taking feats that affect the Battleaxe (Weapon focus, Improved critical, etc) will also be granted for the Dwarven Waraxe - this is done since characters without the Exotic feat cannot normally put feats into the dwarven waraxe. Dwarves can also -twohand this weapon.

Katana is affected by Weapon Finesse. Size changed from medium to small (thus smaller races can dual-wield them or use them with shield). Weight is reduced from 10 lbs to 6 lbs.

Quarterstaff is now a double-sided weapon, like the double-axe and the two-bladed sword. The offhand damage is based on your base unarmed damage score (default is 1d3, or 1d4 and above for monks). Like other double-sided weapons, its STR damage bonus is 1.0x for the main hand and 0.5 for the offhand attacks. It is affected by Weapon Finesse. It benefits from monk's UBAB progression, but it cannot be used with Flurry of Blows.

Shuriken benefits from the monk's UBAB progression.

Spear damage lowered from 1d8/x3 to 1d6/x3. Size changed from large to Medium, thus they can be wielded with a shield. Smaller characters, such as halfings and kobolds may use them as two-handed weapons.

Note that due to a bug, a spear with shield may not be quickslotted, nor they will display the correct values in the sheet. There's a file to fix this available at Google Drive, just download and install in the Override folder.

Throwing Axes work along with Arelith's Barbarian Rage.

Trident dice changed from 1d8/x2 to 2d6/x3. They are still large weapons, and thus they cannot be wielded with shield. Weapon Focus feat will work for tridents. (Note that this is due to a work around in NWNX but it is unknown if this is a soft (i.e. counts towards +20 cap) or hard (as per normal weapon focus))

Note that some modified weapons will not be displayed correctly in the character sheet (the information displayed will not affect the performance of the weapon), such as the spear and trident. The same Google Drive file as above includes the fix.

Two-Handed Use

If you classify to wield a weapon in one hand, you will not be able two use it as a two-handed even if you forego the use of a shield. The same way that the quarterstaff will always be considered a two-sided weapon, and will always attack as a two-sided weapon.

All double-sided and weapons held as two-handed by the character will grant an additional +2 AB.

Weapon visuals guide

With Essences:

  • Standard Weapons with enhancement bonuses such as a +1, +2, +3, will all show an essence's effect.
  • Visuals will show on a crafted weapon of Greensteel, Masterly Steel or Masterly Damask.
  • The only essences to grant visual effects are +4 and +1d6.
  • Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire and Sonic will all grant visual effects to these weapons.
  • Divine, Positive and Negative will not show any visual effects.
  • Gloves will never show any visual effects.

Note that when an essence is applied to a weapon, all previous elemental damage bonuses will be removed from that weapon (Acid, Cold, Divine, Electrical, Fire, Negative, Positive, and Sonic), regardless whether the bonus is original of the item or was added through essences or enchantment.

Weapon Visuals

Acid.gif Cold.gif Elec.gif Fire.gif Sonic.gif

Arrow Management and Essencing

(Is this information outdated?)

It is possible to have three types of elemental damage on each stack of arrows. To do this start off with an arrow bundle and apply both permanent and temporary essences of different types to it then 'split' the bundle to make the temporary essences become permanent. When using the arrow stacks created from the bundle you may add a temporary essence of a third type of damage to each.

If you feel that temporary essences becoming permanent is 'odd' try thinking of it this way; "How much temp essence is needed to coat my sword? A whole lot. So it is thinly coated so it doesn't last long. How much is needed to coat an arrow head?" Another way to look at it, is what has the arrow done to make the essence wear off? On a sword, it is assumed you're using it, ergo the timer. An arrow is a one-time use.

When a stack of arrows is emptied, the character will automatically equip another quiver from the inventory, if any. This may seem random, but the quiver selected is always the last one entering the inventory. Knowing this, you may carefully drop and repick which arrows you desire to use next when your current quiver is spent, and thus save other stacks of arrows that you may wish to keep for a different encounter.


In Arelith, most weapons and armor are divided in two types - standard, that follow a strict style, and 'special', that have unique characteristics, greater power, as well as crafting requirements.

All standard weapons respect these rules:

Type Bonus Level Requirement
Bronze N/A
Iron Attack Bonus + 1 Level 1
Damage Bonus + 1
Masterly Iron Attack Bonus + 1 Level 4
Damage Bonus + 2
Steel Attack Bonus + 2 Level 7
Damage Bonus + 2
Masterly Steel Attack Bonus + 2 Level 10
Damage Bonus + 4
Greensteel Attack Bonus + 3 Level 13
Keen (green light)
Damask Attack Bonus + 3 Level 13
Damage Bonus + 3
Masterly Damask Attack Bonus + 3 Level 16
Damage Bonus + 6


See Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons for stats and crafting recipes.

General Notes:

  • Most weapons share similar recipes.
  • Greensteel is divided in three size tiers; small (2 coal, 1 greensteel ingot), medium (4 coals, 2 ingots), large (6 coals, 3 ingots).
  • Very rarely, some recipe may require something more (Some spears need a quarterstaff for crafting).
  • All masterly damask recipes are identical.