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Enabling it

First thing you need to do is to turn the option on in your settings. To do this, find your Neverwinter Nights directory and locate the file


You can open this file in any text editor to edit it (for example in Notepad).

1. Open up your nwn.ini file in a text editor.

2. Under the [Display Options], make sure your setting for the game resolution is less than your desktop setting.

For example, if you run your desktop at 1024x768, then change this to Width=800 and Height=600. If you don't make it less, it won't work.

3. Add this line again under the [Display Options] section:


4. Change the FullScreen from 1 to 0, like this


5. Save the file

Using it

Alt-Enter will switch between fullscreen and windowed mode after you've enabled this.

If there is a lot of action going on and you need a lot of space, just hold alt and hit enter to get back into fullscreen. And then you can do it again to go back to windowed mode.


When you hop to and from the windowed mode, the game just might take it as click of mouse or enter, quite often activating a quickslot or similarly clicking.

Your character may start running somewhere, cast spell, loose your weapon or shield due to having full inventory, or drink that last one precious healing potion that you were sparing for times of great need.

Word of caution, if you intend to play in windowed mode, be prepared for some involuntary moving around, and be sure to reconsider the first twelve quickslots.

It is so dark!

Q: I use windowed mode a lot but everything is sooo dark when I use it. Is there an easy fix?

A: Yes, there is.

1. Escape to get to menu
2. Video options
3. Cancel

That usually helps NWN to start using correctly your video options again.

If not then:

3. Move Gamma Slider a little and then back
4. OK instead of cancel

If still not light enough:

3. Move Gamma Slider to right
4. OK