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The Hand of Fellowship, the Hearthkeeper
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Power Level: Intermediate deity
Symbol: Open Door
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Friendship, trust, the hearth, hospitality, crafts
Worshipers: Artisans, cooks, guards, halflings, hosts, innkeepers.
Arelith worshippers' alignments[1]: LG, LN, NG

This deity is part of the Halfling pantheon

Favoured Weapon: "Camaradestave" [quarterstaff] (club)

Arelith Aspect 1 Arelith Aspect 2
Knowledge & Invention Hearth & Home


"Be generous in friendship, and welcome all friends into your home and trust. Never betray the trust of a host, break an oath, or violate the sanctity of another's home. The Day of Discovery approaches, when all hin rally around a new home based upon dignity, companionship, and love."


For more than a millenia, Cyrrollalee (SEER-oh-LAH-lee) busied herself with overseeing the mundane minutia of the stewardship of halflings' homes. She encourage camaraderie among her subjects, always with an eye toward ensuring the safety of each halfling's individual dwelling. Of late, however, she has expanded her view of home from the literal to the metaphorical. Scholars long have said that the hin are a race on the rise, a youthful species waiting for a cultural and political blossoming. Cyrrollalee agrees, believing that the time of the halfling is now, and that in order for the hin to ascend to the rightful place of honor and respect, the race needs new homelands beyond the the borders of Luiren. Cyrrollalee, naturally, would ward such a homeland, and her clerics lead evangelical missions across Faerûn, searching for a suitable location for this homeland and urging all halflings to join the call. The open door of Cyrrollalee's holy symbol has transcended its original meaning as the entrance to a single halfling's comfortable home to represent the open door inviting hin from across Faerûn to walk the path of their race's glorious future.

Cyrrollalee's change in perspective has swelled the ranks of her faithful and catapulted her from a docile deity whom all halflings normally honored to a symbol of hin pride, a rallying point for those halflings seeking a better place for themselves and their race. Her clerics, known as homefellows, lead halfling communities, set examples for good-hearted clean living by being exemplars of friendship and good will, and establish temples that serve both as a place of introspection and as homes away from home, with ample guest rooms and fully stocked kitchens. Though the bulk of the modern clergy concerns itself with the search for suitable halfling homelands, homefellows advocate the cultivation of strong, respectful relationships with other goodly races. Because their searches so often send them to distant lands, lightfoot halflings, with their pervasive wanderlust, vastly outnumber other hin subraces in Cyrrollalee's clergy.

Homefellows pray for spells in the morning, as they welcome the sun of the new day. Within the last year, many clerics have left their homes to lead the search. Those who remain rooted in their communities (usually, but not always, older halflings for whom travel and exploration bring great physical danger) are known as hearthtenders, and are universally respected as an integral part of halfling society. The church recognizes no official holidays, but Cyrrollalee herself has deemed the forthcoming Day of Discovery as a universal day of celebration for all hin. None know when the new land will be discovered, but nearly all believe it will happen in their lifetime. The hin homeland they seek is not a racial origin point (indeed, spotty archaeological evidence supports several claims at such a place), but a location at which all branches of the hin race can come together in harmony and mutual advancement. The church has hence suffered some hits to its credibility in Luiren, whose residents believe they are living in just such a locale. Given that the search continues, however, Cyrrollalee must disagree. Her clerics rarely multiclass.


Cyrrollalee enjoys cordial relationships with her entire pantheon, as well as with nearly every other kind-hearted deity of Toril. As such she sometimes acts as ambassador for Yondalla's Children when disagreements arise with other pantheons. She harbors slight disappointment toward Brandobaris, feeling that his frivolous pursuits and adventures distract the halfling people from achieving their full potential. Any god who would stand in the way of destiny of the hin ranks among her sworn enemies. Happily for her, most of Toril's malevolent deities have either not noticed her recent epiphany or have chosen to ignore it altogether.


  1. On Arelith, the restriction for D&D clerics also applies to blackguard, paladins, rangers, and divine champions

(Source: Faiths and Pantheons)