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Welcome to the Arelith Wiki
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  • Welcome to the Arelith Wiki page, where (hopefully) all of your questions about the specific mechanics of Arelith can be found. Any player is welcome to help, though we ask that you familiarize yourself with the rules listed below before editing any wiki page.
  • When searching the wiki, use the singular form of word and small letters, unless the word is an abbreviation. If you find that any words are missing, you can help by adding a wiki redirect.
  • Please note that due to recent updates some pages may contain information that is no longer relevant.


Many contributors to Arelith Wiki are still learning how to use it. Please, read NWNWiki:Manual of style before contributing. The following links can assist with learning more.

Wikipedia Help
Wikipedia:Manual of Style
Introduction to Wikipedia

Wiki Content Guidelines

  • Please register as a user before making any changes. Most pages will block non-users from edits.
  • The wiki is strictly for the more detailed sorts of mechanical information, not for in character events, locations, or figures. If you have some sort of RP guide (for example "Kobold culture and mentality"), a light overview in the corresponding page will do. For debate and clarifications, take it to the forum. Please also be sure to double check and not post what has already been added to the website.
  • Take a look at "Stubs" and "Wanted Articles". Please add any content that you feel the wiki is lacking, but do adhere to the rules posted above.
  • When making a new article, check that it hasn't already been made in some fashion, or if the information isn't already available on the Wiki. Use Search!
  • Information should be written in "encyclopaedic" way. Keep to facts - avoid including any personal opinions, questions, rumours or unconfirmed information.
  • Place in articles only links to existing articles or articles that you intend to create within few hours. This avoids creation of many similar wanted articles and need to edit your article later again. (E.g. by having different empty links in different articles for Roleplay, Role play, Role-play, Roleplaying, Role-playing, Role playing)
  • If article is not quite ready yet, the code {{stub}} should be placed on beginning of it. This will include the article between "Stubs".
  • You can find a list of useful templates on Category:Templates, some of which are documented on the templates project page.
  • Guide to making a Redirect page.