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Arelith doesn't use any hackpacks or extensions that would have to be downloaded outside official NWN updates. Usage of portrait packs and custom portraits is still possible, yet not encouraged. Other players, who will not have the same download, will see for your portrait either white square (on logging list) or the generic shadow-face. Even though the server does not use hakpacks, these are officially called "hakpacks" because they do change a setting in the game.

Jjjerm: "Make sure that you ONLY get the portraits and voices that are in game and unused, or no one will hear you or see your picture. Then you'll be the coolest kid no one can hear or see. Which, retrospectively, isn't really very cool."

Usage of non-standard heads or other haks that would make your character or its parts invisible to other players is not allowed.

Unlocking portraits and voices of NPCs

These portraits and voices are already included in every NWN game. They are just not available for selection when creating new character.

1.) Download some of the overrides from Neverwinter Vault. Either search it for "sound override" and "portrait override", or you can use some of following:

Portrait and Soundset Unlocker - the latest .2da files for 1.69 Portraits & Voicesets

2.) Put them inside your override folder.

3.) Create new character and enjoy the extended selection.

Note: Some portraits and voices can be available just for creation of specific characters. For example some could be visible just when you are creating male or female character. The simple trick is to start creating character of opposite gender, and once you select the desired portrait/voice, you return back to change the gender. The more complicated approach is to find different overide or edit those files yourself.

Custom portraits

Usage of custom portraits is possible on Arelith.

Portrait packs are offered and kept by members of the community, usually with instructions on their download and installation. This all can be usually found in the General Information section on the forum.

Portrait & Soundset Changes

Players may change their character's portrait or soundset with help from any DM or staff member. Once a request is made, the character will be moved to the character alteration area, where the -portrait and -soundset console commands can be used.

To use the -portrait and -soundset console commands, select a portrait or soundset from the following lists, and enter the command in chat. Example: "-portrait po_deceiver2_" or "-soundset 10"

Bonus addition: kurairyu's hands 1.5 - note that the changed hands will be visible just to yourself and those who downloaded this as well.