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PrC Tokens

Certain Prestige Classes require a DM provided PrC Token. To request a token, contact a DM via forum Private Message. DM Channel requests will typically be re-directed to the forums, however e-mail ( is acceptable, but the forums remains the best contact for PrC requests.

An example of the recommended format/necessary information to include in your request is as follows:

Subject Line: [Character Name's (Log In), PRC Requested, I.E. Oberon (King of Faeries), Application for Shifter Token.]

Intro: [In this line, make sure to state if you are at requirements, or nearing them. If you are NOT at the requested RPR for it, please state that as well. Example: Hello, I am applying for a Shifter Token. I currently meet requirements and have a 50 RP Rating. Below is my character's background. ]

Concept: [Put brief character history and concept idea here, along with how you want to RP the class/what you will do with it.]

Current RP: [Explain how your character is currently moving toward this class in RP, i.e Pale master preparing for surgery, assassin doing training, harper doing meddling, Harper Spirited things. Make sure to elaborate with detail. For Harper, describe why what they are doing would interest the organization, and for assassin and shifter, the training and process involved in gaining their abilities.]

Future RP: [How will this concept have longevity, and what will you do with it after receiving the token? For assassin, this is usually a written out sample assassination that is mutual fun for both sides. For Harper, it may be what they wish to focus on their meddling. For Shifter, it is what they wish to make of their forms.]

When a PrC Token is requested, a DM will evaluate the player's ability to roleplay the requested class appropriately. The character must exist and must be actively played. Do not make requests for a non-existent character, as sometimes we will do a bit of monitoring before making a decision.

Notes: Requesting or receiving a PrC Token does not mean that you are required to take the class. DMs may deny a request based on whether your character meets the mechanical requirements for the class, particularly for Harpers. When setting up your request, give a nice narrative background, the name and player name, current RPR for any RPR based prestige requests, and why the class is necessary for the concept. Show what you will do with it. Each class page has other suggestions for a successful application. RDD is currently the only PrC class that requires a Major Reward.


Example Outcast Application Template: ' ' Subject Line: [Character Name's (Log In), , I.E. The Queen of Air and Darkness (Winter Court), Application for Outcast Status.]

Intro: Introduction. Should include any relevant mechanical exiles they have. At least one is REQUIRED for the application to pass in almost all cases.

History relevant to the status. This should include their crimes and actions the surface world would find heinous. Please note having an evil class, alignment, or even living in the underdark are not sufficient for the token. A level of vile renown from the surface lands is what defines the back ground.

5%/Major Reward

Special requests outside of what is available to choose for the roll should be sent to the Admin Team, and only after obtaining a major reward (See Epic Sacrifice for details). PM Active Admins via the forums. There is no sample template, however, something simliar to Outcasts and PrCs is probably a good organized way of going about it.

"...if a player has a good idea for a unique race, class feature, item, or anything they deem would enhance their enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, they may propose their idea to the admin team by sending a forum PM to the Active Admins usergroup. Examples of potential ideas include "I want a bow that has infinite arrows because of <x> reason" or "I want a sword that glows with righteous fire because of <y> reason" or "I want to play a dog because I really like dogs and I think I could create a lot of inclusive RP by playing a dog for <z> reasons".

We reserve the right to deny requests for any reason at any time, particularly if they require a significant investment in developer time or we don't judge them a good fit for the atmosphere of the server." - Scholar Midnight