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Accents and other marks can be needed to write the exact names of some characters, since Arelith is played by people all around the world who bring with them the special letters from their native languages. There are several ways to write those marks.

Easy trick

(from Purgatid)

Player can find the name in the player list, hit the send tell option, and then erase the /tp before the name. For example, if is needed to set -notells for Aïéèla Câíüria:

  • Find her on player list and hit send tell button
  • On command line apears: /tp "Aïéèla Câíüria"
  • Erase the /tp and the " ". Vóila, the exact name
  • Add -notells before it


Those with installed support for different languages can be able to switch to different keyboards with different letters and marks associated for each key.


It is possible to write different symbols (letters and marks) by pressing (and holding) ALT and typing numbers (character codes) associated with that symbol in ASCII/UNICODE table. For example, alt+32 is a space. (32 is the ASCII/UNICODE value of a space)

Their tables can be found around internet, for example here and here.

External links

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