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Underdark is dangerous and mysterious world located under surface. On Arelith, Underdark is hosted on separate server with many races specific to this environment.

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Large map of whole Faerun's Underdark

Underdark and Society

The Underdark.
The Realms Below.
The Night Below.
The Lightless Lands.

These and many more names are given to the vast, lawless world that lies beneath the surface. To those who live beneath the rays of the Fiery Orb; it is a land of Horror and nightmares. Twisting labyrinthine passages filled with a dreadful silence broken only by the screams of fierce predators. Eerie Caverns with darkness reaching higher than sight allows, or smaller than a man. One could walk for days only to find your path blocked by ten tons of rock, and your steps tracked by creatures from your most horrible fears. Few have ever reached to the depths of Deepearth and returned to tell their tale.

And yet, it is also a place that many call home. Races who carve a life from the living stone, or claw their way to the top of the predators through guile and strength. The sly and retiring Svirfneblin; living for their craft and the stone they love. The Driven and ambitious Duergar; Taskmasters and traders who will ply their goods to whomever will look. The Monstrous Kobolds and Goblins, striving to carve a home for themselves and their kin amidst all the turmoil of the Caverns of the lightless lands. Races which have banded together for survival.

And then there are the Drow. The stuff of legend and the name used to strike fear into unruly children.

There is one underdark settlement represented in the Arelith server, beneath the isle, called Andunor. In this skullport like city, all of these races mix together, band together, betray eachother, and vy for power in the two districts Devil's Table and the Sharps, along with the slaves they capture and the human outcasts too heinous and reviled to make a life in the surface lands. The two NPC drow houses, House Claddath and Freth, stand above them, letting the underlings squabble so long as they remember who is supreme. Those who have dared insult or challenge them have been said to meet swift end.

This is the Underdark. Welcome home.


The first three miles below the surface. It is here where the surface dwellers and those in the Underdark most often meet. Andunor is situated there.


Located three to ten miles below the surface, this layer is where most of the Underdark cities are located, including the long-gone Udos Dro'Xun and Urblexis Grond.


Ten miles or more below the surface, the Lowerdark is where even those who know the Underdark loath to go.

Arelith Underdark Weather

Spore Winds, Earthquakes and most importantly the Faerzress are active throughout parts of the Underdark.

The Drow

Main article: Drow
We are the Ilythiiri, the Drow,
The Horror within your soul.
We are the scourge of the Blighted lands,
And the ravagers of the night.
We call Demons friend and Bring to heel
The nightmares of the Lightless Lands.
We are the Masters of the Deep Dark.
We are the nameless fear that grips you
When the moon is hidden by Cloud.
The terror that strikes your heart
When the candle's flame is snuffed by the wind.
Fear the Darkness

Making your first Drow - Several hints and FAQ for players who are making their first Drow on Arelith.

Races in Andunor

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