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Hobgoblins are the larger cousins of goblins, but still second to the Bugbears. What they marginally lack in physical might compared to the latter, they make up with a sheer sense of discipline and comprehension of strategy, making them arguably the most dangerous of the goblinoids.

The average male adult stands somewhere by six feet tall. They tend to have flat noses, flat chins and hairy skin. Their hair usually ranges from dark-reddish brown to grey. Large males have blue or red noses. Their teeth are tinted in yellow, while their eyes may be as well, or in a range of browns.

Society and Psychology

Hobgoblins are rarely found in communities where they are not in command of either goblins or bugbears, or sometimes both, and the most civilized goblinoid communities are ruled by the race. This is in large part because hobgoblin society is more industrious and less savage than that of goblins or bugbears. Though sometimes bugbears take control most such communities are ruled over by the strongest hobgoblin, who serves as the warchief.

Hobgoblins have a long tradition of mastering and breeding the creatures of the world into slaves of various sorts. Many, for instance, like working with wolves or worgs. Similarly, many drake breeds were first bred by hobgoblins. Some even believe hobgoblins carried this practice on within their own race, creating the goblins and bugbears in such a manner.

Hobgoblins are immensely protective of their tribe's reputation and military status, so much so that meetings between different groups can turn violent if proper protocol is not followed. However, though hobgoblin tribes are territorial and egotistical in nature they will often unite for a common purpose, such as war against non-goblinoids.

Hobgoblins have an innate hatred toward elvenkind, which in most cases is mutual. Should they encounter each other in a fight, a hobgoblin is more likely to attack any elves first, though whether they would do so and compromise the effectiveness of their strategy is relative of the discipline of each hobgoblin.

Hobgoblins tend to eschew magic, preferring to take more brutal approaches to combat where they can employ their physical strength. However, in battle a Hobgoblin prefers prowess and tactical advantage over mere brute force, favouring ambushes and tactical strikes over charging head on.

Female hobgoblins are mostly a mystery and rarely seen on the battlefield. It is likely that in hobgoblin society, females are expected to take a more homely role.

Creating a new Character on Arelith



+2 DEX, +2 CON
+4 Move Silently

ECL +1

Base race: Half-Elf


Generally Lawful Evil, but can be any Evil.


It is against the DM Ruling to take Arcane Archer levels as a hobgoblin.

Starting city: Andunor