Arcane archer

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NWN Requirements

  • Base Attack Bonus: +6
  • Feats: Weapon Focus (Longbow or Shortbow), Point Blank Shot
  • Race: Elf or Half-elf
  • Spellcasting: Ability to cast arcane spells ( Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard)

Arelith Changes

Ranger does not have to fulfill the NWN Requirement of arcane Spellcasting when multiclassing to Arcane Archer. Therefore any Ranger can take levels in the Arcane Archer class without taking any levels in the Wizard, Bard or Sorcerer classes. He must still fulfill all other requirements for the class.

Roleplay tips

Ranger/Arcane archer

credits to Jarlean and Kangles

There is no ruling how exactly should be Ranger/AA roleplayed. It's a matter open for interpretation. An individual character can RP it as he sees fit. One could claim to have dabbled in the arcane, while other may instead claim that he headshots like a champion in a mundane fashion. Neither way is more correct than the other.

"... there is no ruling. DMs will judge RP as they find it." Mithreas

For example, character doesn't have to know arcane magic before becoming a wizard. She learns it along the way. Character doesn't have to know arcane magic before becoming an arcane archer. He learns it along the way after taking the class.

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