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Classes with Changes

No Changes

Multiple Class Paths



  • You are required to take 3 consequent levels in any new class. After taking the first level in a new class, you will be forced to take 2 more levels in the same class, or delevel. If you attempt to take a different class, your character will be automatically deleveled and releveled. Therefore it is not possible to have:
    • Wizard 29 / Rogue 1 (3-levels-in-class rule must be fulfilled even on level 30)
    • Cleric 2 / Rogue 1 (you need to have 3 levels in each class before taking a new class or continuing to progress in different class)

Prestige Classes

Requirement Class
No Requirements Arcane Archer
Champion of Torm
Dwarven Defender
Weapon Master
Purple Dragon Knight
PrC Token Assassin
Harper Scout
Pale Master
Major Award Red Dragon Disciple*
Unavailable N/A

PrC Tokens

Certain Prestige Classes require a DM provided PrC Token. To request a token, contact a DM in game through the DM chat channel, via forum Private Message, or via the DM e-mail account:

When a PrC Token is requested, a DM will evaluate the player's ability to roleplay the requested class appropriately.

  • Requesting or receiving a PrC Token does not mean that you are required to take the class.
  • DMs will not deny a request based on whether your character meets the mechanical requirements for the class.
  • It is recommended that you request a PrC Token well before you intend to take the class, as it may take some time for a DM to contact you.

DM qizzia:
"What the DMs do, is exclusively investigate into if you will be capable of role playing the said PRC, or not. So, we do not advice, we do not look at if you got the prereqs (that's your responsibility), and neither do we take into account if you will use it or not.
Before we decide, we can do a quest, make an interview, consider your RP in general, or other things to make sure you'll roleplay your PRC. It's a case to case situation to what method will be used. If you do pass the test, but don't play your class, we might reverse your situation. This is very rare, but it happens."

Major Awards

Certain Prestige Classes require a Major Award to play. Taking one of these classes does not require a token or DM contact, however characters with these classes will still be subject to DM oversight, and may be penalized for inappropriate roleplay.

Roleplay of Classes

Players can call profession of their character in any way they like. Fighter can be brawler, duelist, swordsman, guard, and so on. Other characters will react on those claims in character, so if a character claims to be duelist and wizard of level 5 can win over him without spells and weapons, then others will laugh at the "duelist" character "in character".

It is even possible to roleplay a fighter without having a single level of fighter, for example Rogue/Ranger. Or Harper Scout without having the class levels.

What is not allowed is to include titles in in names on characters on creation.

As well, some classes are expected to be roleplayed within certain parameters. Paladins, for example, are expected to be divine warriors striving for good at the service of some god. Wizards are expected to carry a spellbook. Clerics are expected behave as their god would want them to, and so on. This doesn't mean that all characters of the same class are identical, or have to roleplay the same, but they tend to share the same thematic.