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Background of character can be selected on character creation in the Arelith Entry area, after selection of subrace and MoD options. Players may choose a background for new character or keep it without a background. Backgrounds have a small mechanical effect, allowing character's past to influence their skills in a small way.

Not all background feats are available to all characters. For example, characters' class and abilities can be limiting the possibilities for selection of backgrounds.


"Stat bonuses are hard (because there's a cap of +12 and base stats matter for feat requirements)
Skill bonuses are soft (because otherwise you'll have problems with leveling up)."

Thus -

  • Ability score changes will be counted for feat prequisites.
  • They will not be counted against limit of maximum 12 point temporary increase to ability.

After selection of background are all changes applied to the character immediately.


A new character can have one of the following backgrounds:

Background Effect
Bully +1 intimidate, +1 fortitude save, -1 bluff, -1 reflex save
Devout +1 will save, +1 concentration, -1 fortitude save, -1 bluff
Farmer +1 spot, +1 fortitude save, -1 appraise, -1 reflex save
Fearless +4 save vs. fear, -2 reflex save
Fisherman start with a fishin' pole (or fishin' pole jr. for small races)
Flirt +1 listen, +1 persuade, -2 intimidate
Gypsy +1 perform, +1 tumble, -1 concentration, -1 use magic device
Healer +2 heal, +1 lore, -1 STR
Hunter +1 move silently, +1 craft traps, -2 lore
Merchant +2 appraise, -1 discipline, -1 taunt
Natural Leader +1 CHA, -1 CON, -1 reflex save, -1 fortitude save
Noble +1 art crafting, -2 concentration
Peasant +1 tailoring, -1 discipline
Scholar +1 lore, +1 concentration, -2 discipline
Slave +1 fortitude saves, -1 will. Start in the Underdark city of Andunor branded with a collar

(Requires human or half-orc, non-good alignment)

Soldier +1 discipline, +1 forging, -1 will save
Tattle-tale +1 lore, +1 bluff, -2 concentration
Tribal +1 fortitude saves, +1 taunt, -1 discipline, -1 will
Troublemaker +1 reflex save, +1 set traps, +1 pick pocket, -2 will save
Wanderer +1 appraise, +1 bluff, -1 will save
Wild child +1 tumble, +1 hide, +1 move silently, -2 bluff, -2 appraise
Wizard's apprentice +1 spellcraft, +1 lore, +1 alchemy skill, -1 spot, -1 fortitude save
Politician grants bonuses to social skills and penalties to combat skills (requires 11+ CHA)
Gladiator Start in Arena and cannot leave it until they win their freedom. FL server.

-1 will save, double XP bonus for winning in Cordor's arena. Normal start. Regulith.

Dauntless +5 HP (requires dwarf or half-orc)
Outcast *See below
No background No effect


The Outcast status affects moderately the character. Outcasts start in the city of Andunor in the Underdark and have free access to the main portal, in addition of being fluent in Undercommon, however, they have two restrictions to consider: they cannot become citizens in any surface settlements, and thus they are unable to vote, and neither may they own any property (quarters, guildhouses, shops, boats). They may, however, own quarters and any other form of property in the wilderness.

Only non-good Humans and Half-Orcs may select the Outcast background at character creation. There is also a way to become an outcast later on in the Underdark.

"Just going to talk about role-play a bit here, as it was myself that introduced the concept of outcasts in Arelith.

The exact reasons for it are something for the individual players to decide upon, as part of their own character's backstory, but essentially this is what it means.

This individual has a degree of notoriety among the populace, whether through actions of their own, family connections, disfigurement, or being falsely accused, their identity is wildly known and rumours about them persists to this day.

These are people nobody would want as a neighbour, and would provoke an angry reaction from local citizens should they be welcomed in any civilsed settlement. Redemption is impossible, not because their crimes are so great, but because their notoreity is so widespread, and the rumours so unpleasant. Any individual player character may choose to disbelieve or forgive an outcast, but they simply lack the capacity to convince an entire nation to share their views."

"... it is up to the players themselves to RP outcasts appropriately. Remember, this doesn't mean you can't like and/or befriend them, but that in doing so you would be breaching the conventions of society in a serious fashion. Picture some of the worst people in human history, and imagine yourself walking down the street with them in your home town". -Irongron