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NWN Requirements

  • Alternate Form: Druid Wildshape
  • Feats: Alertness
  • Spellcasting: Level 3 or higher

Arelith Changes


A Prestige Class token is required to play the shifter class. Tokens are to be requested from DMs, who will evaluate and ask questions about your character and your intentions to determine whether the class will be beneficial or detrimental to the server. They, as well, hold the right to deny your request as they fit. Shifters are held to even higher standards than other applications. Send in something strong and well thought out for consideration if you are considering this concept.

This class is heavily monitored, and may require an increased tact and finesse to be candidate to become a shifter.

To apply for a Prestige Class token, please contact DMs PM DM's on the forums. Shifter requests may take slightly longer, but are still usually responded to within 24 hours. If two days have gone by with no response, please follow up with your original response.

Please note that Shifter abilties that are sourced from a patron god will likely be denied. Creativity, originality, and depth are all needed for a successful application. Give a lot of thought before applying, not only about the class but how your concept will have longevity.

Roleplay Tips

A general theme of Shifters is the greater understanding of self through outward transformation. External features hold little meaning for them, but their soul and sense of self is very strong. As they grow in strength, so do their shapes, from at first only humanoid and relevant forms, to more and more outlandish and shapes far differentiating from their own.

External Links

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